“MZ” is the latest Iraqi asylum seeker to be deported from Finland to Iraq

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A woman who was separated from her Iraqi asylum seeker boyfriend after having a relationship for 18 months. I asked if I could call her. She responded: “I am now too tired to speak on the phone. I’m sad and mentally broken by what happened to me and my fiancé.” 

She wrote the following to us:

“My boyfriend, known as MZ, was apprehended by the police on Monday (27.3), put in a cell and treated in an inhumanely. They just gave him one meal, nothing else and deported him to Baghdad the following day on Tuesday (28.3). We were engaged and wanted to get married. A week ago, a police offer at the Tampere police station handed him a negative ruling from the supreme district court for asylum.

The police promised us that we can stay together but they lied to us. They did this on purpose and had this on their minds but that was against the law. My husband-to-be was given the wrong decision by the Helsinki district court. I will take the case back to the supreme district court and ask the police to bring him back from southern Iraq. He has no protection there!

My fiancé was send back to Iraq at 8am by a Tampere police officer. He’s the exact person who told my fiancé that he could stay sleep at the Kauppi asylum reception center of Tampere. My fiancé was naturally happy by the news and he trusted the police officer and he put his life in his hands. The police officer chose to send MZ in harm’s and death’s way. I know this as well as my fiancé’s family.

MZ needs government protection because his life is in danger in Iraq. He worked for a US company and got a lot of death threats as a result. The militia are after him and want him dead because they hate all those that worked for the [US]Americans in Baghdad.

Finland does not take any responsibility or gives my fiancé any chances to live. Why, Migri [Finnish Immigration Service], why?  Are you sure you can say it’s OK for him to return to Iraq and die? MZ is a young 28-year-old  good-hearted man, who had everything that he wanted in his life with me here.

You took him away and his chances to live. “