My name is Raghad Mchawh and I’m from Syria

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Migrant Tales insight: I met Raghad Mchawh last year in Mikkeli. Her goal is to be a journalist. We know that such a journey is a long one but we have to take the first step. 

We are honored that that first step is with Migrant Tales.

We hope to see many of her stories in this blog community and wish her luck in her new life in Finland.

Raghad Mchawh

My name is raghad, I’m from Syria.  I’m 18 years old and I’m 10 years older than the war that rages in my country. 

My dreams are also bigger than this war. The war didn’t kill my dream of becoming a journalist.

I had dreamed before to go to Turkey, to finish high school there, I have achieved my dream.

A young woman like me who has a passion for learning, with her power will overcome the obstacles that war creates.

Also I’ve dreamed of entering the best universities to receive a good education. I did not expect these universities would be in Finland.

I have been here for 5 months. A new life, new language, new streets I have never walked and of course the very cold weather.

I now study the Finnish language at ESEDU school in Mikkeli.

I’m very excited to learn the language as fast as I can so I can go to university as soon as possible.

I’m in a safe place, a place where many Syrian children wish to be in.

I must take my chance here to realize my dreams and the dreams of all the children who died because of the war in my country.

I’m a dreamer and my dreams have no limits.

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    You dont want to be anything with migrant tales because tessieri has repeatly told that he is not doing journalism but doing “what i want to be told” stuff. Do not be in any kind of contact with him.