UPDATED: Muslim girl beaten unconsious by fellow children in the Finnish city of Espoo

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Migrant Tales insight: This story below received a lot of attention on social media. Even if some of the claims made in the picture aren’t apparently true like tearing off of the girl’s hijab (veil),  there are other sources close to the parents of the girl that contradict and put in question the police’s and school’s claim that racism did not play a role in what happened. Please read an updated version here

A ten-year-old Muslim girl was allegedly beaten in Espoo, according to MTV. The picture of the victim was posted on Instagram and Snapchat. The victim was left unconscious due to the attack, according to sources that contacted Migrant Tales

MTV, which did not mention the religious background of the victim, said that the suspects were around 10 years old.

Migrant Tales will continue reporting on the story as it develops.

Picture of the alleged unconscious child posted on Instagram. The original picture was updated 19.12 at 10.20 am.

(UPDATED): What do they teach [children] at Finnish homes? That Muslims are terrorists? The little girl [in the picture above] is spending a normal day at school when four boys [classmates] tried to rip off her hijab from her head and kicked her unconscious. We are not talking now about a migrant but about a victim. @iltalehti [tabloid] I want you to write out loud that racism must stop once for all, this girl is an angel!

  1. Yossie

    MTV news says it happened at a school yard. However the picture you are sharing shows the girl indoors. By the looks of it, inside a regular house. So why is there a supposed pool of blood? How is her veil in perfect shape even though 4 kids tried to take it off? To me this looks like a staged photo. You shouldn’t share fake news Enrique.