MTV3: Seiska: Raittiuttaan mainostanut kansanedustaja umpihumalassa

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Comment: Perussuomalaiset MP Eero Hakkarainen, who became a household name during his first week in parliament by insulting blacks and Muslims, is getting more publicity but for all the wrong reasons.

The latest revelation about him was made by 7 päivää-lehti, which wrote that Hakkarainen drinks and has been known to be drunk by the locals in Viitasaari despite his claim of being a teetotaler for 20 years.

Hakkarainen is also highly critical of the EU but a sawmill owned by his family has received 460,000 euros in subsidies from Brussels.

Hakkarainen is one of the actors in the PS´tragic-comic play that began after April 17.

What other skeletons will the media uncover about him and the PS? 


Raittiudestaan avoimesti kertonut perussuomalaisten kansanedustaja Teuvo Hakkarainen oli tavattu humalassa vesantolaisessa ravintolassa. Asiasta kertoo kuvien kera uusin 7 päivää -lehti.

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  1. Niko

    Hakkarainen is such a, eh, personality. Almost as sad as Nykänen or Tukiainen 😛 however, I don’t see how the news is related to Migrant Tales.

    • Enrique

      Hi Niko, good question. I don’t read 7 päivää but I thought it was something extra to the Hakkarainen case. It sheds more light on the moral fiber of this PS MP. These are the type of people who want to tighten immigration policy and force Finland to turn its back on the world.

  2. Hmmm

    Yes, this is more like “7 päivää” type of gossip news. The relevance is … well it is what it is. Mr. H is an asshat though…

  3. Hmmm

    Is getting drunk really that big of a deal? Also, about the subsidy thing, you can look at it also from this perspective: Mr. H has a lot to lose in the subsidies but still he speaks against EU.

    Are these really “skeletons” worth reporting in this blog? If you take this approach, attention may be diverted from some of the more relevant issues. Also, I’d like to add that i dislike this person, just trying to maintain some objectivity.

  4. David

    “The latest revelation about him was made by 7 päivää-lehti, which wrote that Hakkarainen drinks and has been known to be drunk”

    Only this week the Finnish ice hockey team fell down the airplane stairs and this was celebrated as a celebration of Finnish identity. So the fact he likes to drink is what people would expect from a party which is pro Finnish and working class based. As a attempt to show your dislike towards the PS that one was really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Because once again you have shown your lack of knowledge about the type of people who votes for PS .

    What next takes sauna with naked men

  5. JusticeDemon


    Deliberately missing the point.

    There would be no story here if Hakkarainen had not claimed to be a teetotaller before the election. Now this has been exposed as a lie. Unlike the EU subsidy received by his sawmill and his unfortunate gaffe about an old nigger at the border, there is no credible way for Hakkarainen to explain this away by claiming ignorance.

    You may well be right about the type of people who vote päin persutta. Does that include you?

    • Enrique

      –You expect politicians to have a moral fiber?

      Good question but we have things like the Constitutions and laws.

  6. Allan

    Constitution doesn’t demand a politician any morals, as in being in any manner legally obligated to stand for any promices he made after being elected.

  7. JusticeDemon


    This wasn’t a promise. It was deliberate misrepresentation. A direct lie with no mitigating factors.

    • Enrique

      Thank you Tuomas for the link. This is a good example of how negative attitudes are made and maintained in society of refugees and immigrants. Some PS believe that they can bash selectively certain groups and accept other immigrants. They even naively believe that all they have to do is bring the right people and, presto, our problems will be resolved. I believe that it is a lowly tactic in order for these people to not look outrageous in the public light. How would they look if they said they were against all immigration? When you plant a hate culture of certain groups in society it spills over on everyone. We are seeing that today with the rise of the PS.

  8. Niko


    Even I don’t like Hakkarainen and I think he is an ass, but this time he has a point… sort of (I mean the first part of the news… the rest was crap). However, I would extend the idea that it shouldn’t be just unemployed immigrants, it should be all unemployed people in Finland who should go to “work in a forest” to earn their welfare check. Didn’t they have this kind of system in the 80’s? What happened?

    • Enrique

      Hi everyone, I was in Helsinki all day at a seminar where I saw Martin-Éric. I am happy that we have a very lively debate going on here. I was moved by V’s thread.

  9. Niko


    Yes, it might be, but in a long run it might be useful. It would help immigrants to integrate faster to society because they would be unemployed immediately (+ meet others Finns) and help people with long unemployment period to re-active to a work life. Also getting only unemployment support (=crappy salary) from a government provided “job” would motivate to find a better jobs.

    Of course, this would probably cause a riot and might be still too expensive to execute 😛 just an idea.

  10. Allan

    “Didn’t they have this kind of system in the 80′s? What happened?”

    They invented a better way to fix the books – “education”. These days it is automatic

    Basically it is still the same thing – rotating people from one category to the other. Somewhere along the line something went wrong so that work and employment is more expensive than having people do nothing. Going back to a system of government labor is a bizarre idea to the modern liberals, never mind on top all kinds of competition clauses and EU regulations. But if the government can’t or won’t pick it up there should be something done to make it worthwhile hiring someone and cut on the employer fees.

  11. Allan

    “When you plant a hate culture of certain groups in society it spills over on everyone. We are seeing that today with the rise of the PS.”

    Its all thanks to you. I for one would not have voted for the PS unless I had come across your “are you a target of racism” post. That was the decisive moment, thank you for promoting hatered against the Finns.

  12. Allan

    Politicians lie, granted. Why Hakkarainen, the Saw of God, is not a good politician is: he does not lie.

    “- Hakkaraiselle ei taida koskaan olla selvää, että häntä haastatellaan. En ole koskaan tavannut julkisuudessa olevaa henkilöä, joka olisi niin umpirehellinen. Hän sanoo juuri sen, mitä ajattelee, eikä osaa pidätellä mitään, Palmu sanoo. ”

    Now imagine if that were the case with all politicians.