MTV3 poll shows support for PS to have plummeted to 5%

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If the municipal election of October were held today, only 5% would vote for the right-wing populist Perussuomalaiset (PS) party, according to a poll published Wednesday by MTV3. The latest poll is further proof that support for the PS continues to plummet compared with the impressive gains it made in last year’s election.

In the April 2011 election, the PS won 19.1% (39 seats) of the vote compared with 4.05% (5 seats) in 2007.

The biggest winner in the MTV3 poll is the National Coalition Party (23%) followed by the Social Democrats (21%) and Center Party (20%), which has made an impressive comeback after its disastrous election result in 2011. The Greens and Left Alliance would get 9% apiece.

The MTV3 poll published today shows the National Coalition Party, Social Democrats and Center Party making the biggest gains if the October 28 municipal elections were held today.  

  1. Iam

    Wow PS u looks so happy now, ha ha ha
    Please accept my congrats
    Hi MT
    Good evening all
    How r u Finland? Now u r sunny and happy, now sun is ur guest, birds are around u and ur nature is green.
    I miss berries, soooooo delicious, yaaaaaaaaammm
    Where r u sweet strawberry, love uuuuuuuu
    Peace to u Finland, best to u the world
    peace to u darling earth

    • Enrique

      Hi I am, looks like Finland is turning in a new leaf and rethinking seriously what happened in April 2011, when the PS won 19.1% of the vote. We at MT have been right all along: The greatest threat to the PS are themsevlves; they are a menace to Finland and especially immigrants as well as visible minorities.

    • Enrique

      Here’s an interesting link to a story that asks and ponders why the Internet is so racist.

      “Former Harvard law professor and current White House administrator Cass Sunstein has written about how group polarization functions on the Internet (PDF) — concluding that the ideological self-segregation that happens online produces more extreme points of view.”

  2. Iam

    Good morning MT, all
    Yes true Enrique,
    PS is a big enemy for itself,life is like a mirror, what we r doing in our life will show a same behaviour, act and system to ourselves like a mirror , when we look at mirror we see exactly ourselves and not others.
    I wish peace and love for Finland
    I wish peace and love for the world
    I wish peace and love for me and my family
    I wish my family for me, clooooooooose to me, miss them aloooooooooooooot
    Have ahppy day dear Enrique

  3. Mark

    I wouldn’t write them off too soon, Enrique, though I’ll be very happy if they do return to pre-election levels of support. On the whole, Far Right/Populist parties have been on the rise in Europe. Just take France’s presidential election result, for example.