MTV3: Maahanmuuttajat sopeutuneet Suomeen Britanniaa paremmin: “Vihaa vähemmän”

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Comment: I started to write a comment on this story below that appeared Friday on MTV3. To be frank,  I did not understand the point:  Immigrants have adapted to Finland better than in Britain. In Finland, Muslims, for example, don’t hate as much the host society as in Britain. 

Certainly we have done a lot of things right on the immigrant-integration front. Offering everyone the opportunity to get an education is one effective way of integrating newcomers. Compared with Britain, our immigration population is still small. But who is to say that second- and third-generation immigrants will not become radicalized?

What are people supposed to do if prejudice and racism exclude people from society?  Why do second- and third-generation immigrants become radicalized? The answer is simple: They see how their parents were pushed around and excluded by society and will not rightfully accept that type of behavior towards them.

It is perfectly ok to be passionate and “radical” about social rights and justice.

“A riot is the language of the unheard,” according to Martin Luther King (1929-68). 


Jouni Sipilä

Britanniassa hallitus on huolestunut muslimimaista tulevien maahanmuuttajien radikalisoitumisesta. Toisen ja kolmannen polven maahanmuuttajat ovat omaksuneet vanhempiaan konservatiivisempia uskonnollisia näkemyksiä. Britanniassa radikalisoituminen on eräiden tutkimusten mukaan ollut nopeinta Euroopassa. Meillä Suomessa tämäntyyppistä kehitystä ei ole havaittu. Asiantuntijoiden mielestä maahanmuuttajat ovat sopeutuneet meille huomattavasti Britanniaa paremmin.

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