MTV3: Kauppalehti: Siivousfirmojen pitää irtisanoa maahanmuuttajia

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Comment: What can you make out of this story below? MTV3 claims, quoting business daily Kauppalehti, that the office that hands out work permits in the Uusimaa region of Southern Finland wants cleaning companies to hire EU nationals.  This may be easier said than done. 

MTV3 reports that the employers of the cleaning companies are pretty irritated by the recommendation since finding such workers among EU nationals are scarce.  Siskon Siivous general manager, Pasi Hämäläinen, said that two thirds of the company’s employees come from outside Europe.

” This latest case does give the lie to claims about alleged welfare shopping by humanitarian migrants,” writes JusticeDemon in a thread.


Uudellamaalla kiistellään siivousalan työvoimatilanteesta, kertoo Kauppalehti. Uudenmaan työlupayksikkö on evännyt työlupia afrikkalaisilta ja aasialaisilta siivoojilta ja kehottanut yrityksiä palkkaamaan siivoojia Euroopan talousalueelta. Luvatta jääneet siivoojat olivat olleet töissä jo vuosia, turvapaikkahakemuksen käsittelyn kestäessä.

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  1. justicedemon

    Your account of the role of the permit system in these cases is highly misleading, Ricky. The story makes it clear that these permit applicants have previously been working while awaiting the outcome of asylum claims. Such work is based on the dispensation prescribed in subsection 2 of section 81 of the Aliens Act. It is therefore simply incorrect to say that the authority “has not renewed the work permits”, as there is no permit of any kind to renew in such cases. Instead, these are applications for a first residence permit based on employment.

    A quick look at the jobseeker search engine on the website reveals that cleaning jobs are, or at least can be advertised throughout the European Economic Area. The site currently shows a couple of jobs of this kind in France and the UK. Nothing prevents the Ministry of Labour from advertising cleaning jobs in Finland in the same way, so if this has not been done, then the fault lies with the Ministry, not the employer. Such advertisements nevertheless go to all of the Member States, leading to a suspicion (perhaps I am wrong) that the Ministry is unwilling to advertise these vacancies internationally. This unwillingness may well be based on the fact that EU nationals arriving in Finland to take up such positions would be automatically registered as internal migrant workers for an initial period of five years, and would have the unfettered right to arrive in Finland with their family members of any nationality.

    This latest case does give the lie to claims about alleged welfare shopping by humanitarian migrants.

    • Enrique

      Hi JusticeDemon, thank you for pointing this out. I have corrected the blog entry.

  2. Martin-Éric

    This however shoots a bullet in the racists’ claims that immigrants (which they indiscriminately use as a synonym for refugees) refuse to work and are only here because of the social benefits. Evidently, that is not the case and those refugees were busting their ass off at underpaid entry-level positions at the bottom of the ladder. Positions which, I might add, the average unemployed Finn considers below them.

    • Enrique

      Martin-Éric, that is the case of the underclass. Even the crumbs they get come under scrutiny. In the US – don’t know about Canada – the most racist whites were very spiteful — probably many still are — of blacks that got welfare. Sad but true.

  3. Laputis

    I wish that one day Finns would go and work those jobs. It´s such a shame, that work, honest, decent job, which is cleaning, now is shunned in Finnish society! It´s something wrong with societal attitudes, I just wonder where does this attitude in Finland come from? In my home country area dirty and unpleasant jobs all are done by locals. No immigrants needed! Because in my native land people assume, that any decent and honest work is better than being lazy and doing nothing. I wish that Finns would understand that as well, and stop seeking immigrants for cleaning jobs, which can be as well done by Finns!

  4. Martin-Éric

    At the risk of repeating myself:

    Racists cannot have it both ways; either they let those underpriviledged refugees take the crumbs, or they stop complaining that refugees have become permanent customers of the KELA. They cannot both complain that someone works and that someone doesn’t; they cannot both call someone a job stealer and a parasite; they have to make up their mind on which way it’s gonna be and stand behind their decision thereafter.

  5. Allan

    You are all missing the ponit. The “refugee” has apparently not been granted a “refuge” as he is applying for employment-based residence permit. So in other words, he is an “immigrant” who entered the country on false pretenses. So instead of letting an illegal immigrant benefit from screwing the system as an asylum-seeker the immigrants’ case is viewed from the viewpoint of any other immigrants. There is no need to import workforce to do cleaning jobs, so the illegal immigrant, or wannabe-refugee is put on the same line as his legal immigrant countrymen. it is called equality and justice.

  6. justicedemon


    Once again you repeat your lies.

    Please explain how to apply for any form of humanitarian protection in Finland without requesting asylum.

    Is every Finn who applies for a benefit and gets turned down necessarily applying “on false pretenses”? Thousands of applications for benefits as diverse as tax deductions and nursery school places are turned down every month on grounds of ineligibility. By your reasoning, this shows an extraordinarily high level of dishonesty on the part of these Finnish applicants. Can you explain why they are so dishonest as to request a tax deduction to which they are not entitled by law? If all applications were honest in the sense that you require, then none would ever be turned down.

  7. eyeopener

    @ Allan. What is the definition of “immigrant” according to the Finnish law? When is an immigrant “illegal” according to the Finnish law? Please give me the articles and the laws. Would be helpful for me!! When is somebody “a refugee”. Please enter legal definition, article (-s) and law (-s)!! Is there any indicator that an “immigrant” is diallowed to seek for a job ?? Please enter indicator, article and law!! Is there a legal definition of “under false pretenses?? Please enter definition, article and law!!

    These requests may help to keep the discussion clear, don’t you think so?? I am just an immigrant who applied for a job, got the job and already do the job for 10 years. Is some Finnish organization protecting me by doing their job improperly????

  8. Allan

    Justice demon. Lets say you apply for child care, which is means-tested. There are three persons applying. One with a tax return sheet showing they make under the threshold, one with a paper over the threshold, and one who says he is without a job and presents no tax sheet. In a check up the third person is found also to be over the threshold. Now if the system is that after the means-tested have gotten the childcare place those over the means can get a spot for their kid, what makes the person who lied more eligible to cut the queue than the person that presented his papers honestly in the first place?

    You please explain to me why people are applying asylum in Finland or any other “western” EU country and not in a country which doesn’t give them welfare handouts like Estonia or Greece? Explain to me that and you get a lollipop.

    • Martin-Éric

      Allan, your reasoning is flawed from the begining since KELA has access to tax records.

      Also, people DO apply for asylum to Greece in huge volumes and, to a lesser extent, to Estonia. Among other things, most Belorussian political refugees get asylum granted by Estonia.