MTV Finland: Framing women with niqabs with Islamophobia and dislike

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A court of appeal slapped on Tuesday the manager of the Euro Super store of Helsinki with a 1,995-euro fine for discrimination after he asked a woman to remove her niqab so her face would be exposed. The incident took place in spring 2016, according to MTV.

The owner of the store asked the woman to take off her niqab if she wanted to buy something. The women did not comply with the request and called the police after leaving the premises.

The owner denied that he had discriminated against the woman due to her religion and stated that he asked to see her face for security reasons.

The court did not buy the manager’s defense argument and ruled that the woman did not pose a threat to the store and there was as aresult no reason for her to remove her niqab.

Even if this is an open-and-shut case, one wonders why MTV frames the woman in the story as black and from Denmark. This type of framing is, in our opinion, not only poor journalism but Islamophobic.

The caption reads: A woman wearing a similar niqab at a demonstration in Denmark. The woman in the picture is not related to the court of appeal case.

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