MP Riikka Purra’s and her Perussuomalaiset party’s trolls and helpers in the postal strike

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The postal strike is over but not the foul Perussuomaaiset (PS)* stench that lingers from the usual scapegoating and lies about migrants.

When the postal strike started, MP Riikka Purra and the PS had nothing better to do but to blame migrants for the labor dispute.

Migrant Tales wrote about Purra’s and her party’s victimization of migrants and how they cooked the facts to serve their argument.

This video is in Finnish.

Her first claim was that even if migrants make up about 20% of Posti’s total workforce, this was apparently a bad matter since foreigners worked and paid taxes.

Posti, the postal company, shot down Purra’s claim.

The PS MP was adamant and went even further to scapegoat foreigners by exaggerating a bogus claim: 98% of employees that carry your post in the early morning are so-called “people of foreign origin.”

She cited as her “source” the management of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union’s (PAU).

Migrant Tales got in touch with PAU, but they did not answer my calls and never confirmed Purra’s claim. The only one that confirmed her claim was herself.

On top of this, Purra’s little trolls and PS helpers came to her rescue.

One of these trolls is Tiina Wiik, who claims that Purra is right and Posti wrong about the amount of foreign postal workers. I asked her partner, Moroccan-born Junnes Lokka, if he considers himself to be a Finn or a person of foreign origin. He never answered my tweet.

As with the previous statement, Posti rejected Purra’s second claim by stating that about 30% of early morning postal workers are Finns. There is a big difference between Purra’s 98% claim and Posti’s 70%.

But this leads us to the most salient question of all: Who gives a flying f**k if there are non-white people working for Posti? Aren’t they offering a service and paying taxes?

In light of the latter, we should ask why is this such a big issue for the PS?

OK, we know the answer to that question.

They hate migrants, especially people of color.