MP Hirvisaari claims PS anti-immigration message not strong enough

by , under Enrique

Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP James (Erkki Kalevi) Hirvisaari claims that his party did poorly in the municipal elections because it wasn’t as outspoken on immigration issues as before the 2011 parliamentary elections, according to YLE. Migrant Tales disagrees. The PS did poorly in the municipal elections because of the crackpot stuff they say and do to gain attention, listeners or votes. 

Contrary to what Hirvisaari claims, the PS and his band of Counterjihadists tried very hard to raise immigration issues during the last municipal elections. See the long list of blog entries below that were published by Migrant Tales that show that Hirvisaari and other PS politicians tried to gain attention and votes by fueling anti-immigration, anti-Islam, anti-Roma and homophobic sentiment.

Moreover, the anti-immigration message of the PS sounds like a broken record at this stage. The more it plays, the more their lies and opportunism are exposed. The public, media and politicians are not eating out of their hands as they did before last year’s parliamentary elections.

Politicians like Hirvisaari in the PS, with his usual witch-hunt comments about Islam and immigrants, is one reason why the party has lost popularity and credibility with voters.

One of the PS MP’s many bizarre comments were made after Anders Brevik went on the rampage killing in cold blood 77 Norwegians on July 22, 2011.

On his Uusi Suomi blog he blamed “immigration policy” and “100% rape cases by foreigners [sic!]” for Norway’s worst tragedy after World War 2. “A sensible immigration policy could have lowered tensions and helped avoid many problems as well as the atrocity [in Norway],” he wrote. “And we still can. In Finland as well.”

Hirvisaari, who was convicted for hate speech in December, has not only lost touch with his party but with his constituents.

Here are some blog entries that Migrant Tales published before the October municipal elections that had a strong anti-immigration, anti-Islam and homophobic message: