Moroccan with a serious heart condition: “Thank you for your support,” says his brother

by , under Enrique Tessieri

After Migrant Tales broke the story of Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) asked a divorced Moroccan to leave Finland with a heart condition. Youssef Hemdani’s case has received a lot of support from Morocco and Finland.

“Thank you for your support,” said his brother, Laghdof Hemdari.

Apart from getting a lot of attention on social media, Hemdani has received visits and concern from the Moroccan ambassador to Finland, Mohamed Achgalou, and from Social Democrat MP Hussein al-Taee as well as from Left Alliance Helsinki city councilor, Suldaan Said Ahmed.

There are plans as well to appeal to the district cout Migri’s decision.

Youssef Hamdani has been hospitalized for three months.

Hemdani’s heart condition is serious. The 32-year-old suffers from an enlarged heart and cardiac insufficiency, according to a medical report.

Youssef Hemdani is diagnosed with an enlarged heart and cardiac insufficiency.

Laghdof Hemdari said that so far, there is no pledge from the hospital that his brother will be operated as promised before Migri decided to revoke his residence permit.

“There is no treatment for my brother’s condition in Morocco,” he said. “He isn’t well. Some days he’s better and other days are worse. Sometimes he cannot eat because he feels the food chokes him.”