More Mamukriit-Looks candidates of Finland

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How long could the ever-growing list of anti-immigration Perussuomalaiset (PS) candidates be on Mamukriit-Looks? Too long for a good country like Finland to be overrun by candidates who spread prejudice and hatred. Below are some new Mamukriit-Looks candidates. 

Jan Igor Hirvimäki of Salo suggests that social welfare to blacks (he uses the n-work on his Facebook page) should be slashed in half and that such groups should be forbidden from moving to Finland.

Hannu Tanskanen of Vihti published on Facebook a big picture of Adolf Hitler. He suggests that Hitler could serve as an important source on how to deal with homosexuals and immigrants.

Esko Kontio, a candidate for Savonlinna city council, wrote on Facebook that government leaders should be placed before a firing squad and shot for high treason.

Despite these above-mentioned statements by people who should know better, probably the worst of the bunch is Harri Tauriainen, who got elected to the Kemi city council with 460 votes. He openly publishes racist and white power material on his Facebook site. According to Tauriainen, Finland’s white “race” is under siege.

 These are pictures taken from Harri Tauriainen’s Facebook page. Note the “save our race” and white power emblem.


From left to right: Jan Igor Hirvimäki (elected with 105 votes/Salo), Harri Tauriainen (elected with 460 votes/Kemi), Esko Kontio (not elected 12 votes/Savonlinna), and Hannu Tanskanen (not elected 75 votes/Vihti).


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