Mirgant Tales takes on a new look in 2011

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Our blog has taken on a new look for the new year. We hope that you enjoy it and would be interested in hearing your comments on the matter.

Enrique Tessieri


  1. Jonas G

    Happy new year Enrique!
    The new look is nice and fresh for an important year. I hope you continue to blog and highlight unacceptable incidents of xenophobia, especially in the run up to the spring’s parliament elections in which sadly populism looks likely to rear its head in the form of people moving nearer to the True/Basic Finns rather than declaring that they are largely wrong.

    • Enrique

      Happy New Year to you too, Jonas. Great to hear from you. Don’t worry, we are going to hit back at those that think xenophobia and racism are ok. I hope all that money we have spent on education in Finland will not turn into votes for the True Finns. If Finland turns into a Denmark, it will show to me that our education has failed in this respect.