Migrants Tales Literary: Two poems by Anonymous

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Below are two poems by Anonymous that she wants to share with our readers. 

“When I lived [in a city*] in Finland, I couldn’t use the phone or email because I had no money or any income assistance from the social office for 20 months,” Anonymous said. “This happened in 2013.”

* The name of the city has been intentionally omitted.


Cage hate

She feels like an animal in a cage

In a four by four glass cage

Locked in chain and padlocked at the edge

Held in a dark prison cutting edge

Without a window cage hedge

Open only from the roof fees only an edge

Demanded a release from the psychological cage.

Restraining the handcuff clutch at the edge

Of accounts resistant mindset at every stage

 With a hint of disappointment and despair

She grasps and grapples with constraint

She is torn between sadness and anger.


Cage rage

Under house arrest it pledges

she sees only the sky no ladder or sledge

Bottled inside is a boiling rage

Torture against war waged

Rules of the jungle gives an edge

Abuse of power set stage wrestling with her conscience pledge

To seek durable solution from the cutting edge

Reach out to relesase in a printed page.

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