Migrant Tales takes part in German Broadcasting Company program on hate speech

by , under Enrique

Those that promote anti-cultural diversity sentiment are not only out to destroy your arguments but your self-esteem. Migrant Tales has proven over again that what we say on this blog has importance and does get noticed in Finland and abroad.  The German Broadcasting Company aired on Friday a program on hate speech in which we took part.  

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We have gotten noticed on publications like TimeSveriges Radio, YLE’s Suora linja,UNHCR in Greece and others. The BBC and TV4 of Russia have gotten in touch with Migrant Tales as well.

The point is simple: If we have an important message to get out because it is heard faintly by the local media, politicians and public, that message gets eventually noticed. People think we get funding and that enables us to publish Migrant Tales. Wrong.  We are for now a hand-on-heart operation with a clear mandate.

Considering that we’ve been around for almost six years and grown to be an active anti-racist blog that promotes cultural diversity, isn’t it surprising how our most infamous counterjihadists and racists don’t dare come close to our blog.

Doesn’t that tell you something?

It tells me that most of these anti-immigration pundits and groups would rather avoid us because we can expose their false arguments but putting in jeopardy their political careers and credibility.

Another important matter to keep in mind is that nobody in the immigrant community controls which topics should be brought up. Our community is a democracy and defends the rights of others to express themselves as long as they don’t insult others. The more opinions we hear, the better.

Thank you for making Migrant Tales into what we are today.