Migrant Tales memorable quotes of the week to March 28

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Migrant Tales publishes on Monday some interesting quotes on the ongoing immigration debate in Finland and elsewhere. If you have some quotes you would like to share with us, please forward them to migranttalesblog@gmail.com. ET

If you’re a banker who bought your estate with the millions you made from mortgage fraud, relax. The Justice Department isn’t looking for you. But if you’re an illegal immigrant who’s working on that banker’s estate, look out. The Department of Justice is ignoring your boss and devoting most of its resources to catching you.”  Former Wall Street executive Richard Eskow quoted on Campaign for America’s Future.

The problem of immigration is truly a top concern in this new Finnish parliament, but the matter should be treated with justice, with regard to international laws on human right, accusation of a particular group is not good as it may worsen the situation. The immigrants should be treated with equality and with this improve their integration in society. A comment by Walter on MigrantTales (29.3.2011).

So you are bullied at school. So what? In 20 years you will be earning 20 times more than those bullies in a vocation that offers 20 times more job satisfaction. Businesses will be bidding against each other for your services while remaining fearful that you will set up your own operation and compete against them.  Comment byJustice Demon on Migrant Tales (28.3.2011).

-Part of the populist approach involves cultivating urban myths for political gain. This is why we hear over and over again that immigrants are work shy benefit shoppers who get more benefits than the host population. Anyone who understands how the welfare system works can see that this cannot be true, but the myth is too valuable to abandon. Comment by JusticeDemon on Migrant Tales (28.3.2011).

–  (French President) Nicolas Sarkozy has failed to keep his promises on diversity – as the far right rises, we must defend the rights of ethnic minorities. According to independent research associations, visible minorities represent more than 15% of the population of France. Yet only 0.2% of deputies and about 1% of senators elected in metropolitan France are from a minority background. There is no French black person at the head of any large government ministry, and no French black person occupying the position of an ambassador, director of a CAC 40 corporation or senior staff officer in the armed forces.  Patrick Lozès quoted on guardian.co.uk.

The magic word or clarion call that should unite all immigrants and minorities throughout Europe is inclusion.  Enrique Tessieri @MigrantTales

Old quote: Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.  Jack Paar

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