Migrant Tales memorable quotes of the week to February 28

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Migrant Tales will begin publishing on Monday some interesting quotes on the ongoing immigration debate in Finland. If you have some quotes you would like to share with us, please forward them to [email protected] ET

The True Finns party bases its work on honesty, justice, humanity, equality, respect for work and entrepreneurship as well as spiritual growth. True Finns campaign manifesto published on February 25.

Perussuomalaisten toiminnan perustana ovat rehellisyys, oikeudenmukaisuus, inhimillisyys, tasa-arvo, työn ja yrittämisen kunnioittaminen sekä henkinen kasvu.

Aalto University senior lecturer Kyösti Tarvainen is concerned about Finnish democracy. Tarvianen has sent an email from his work to all the Green MPs’ email with the following subject headline: No Muslims in Parliament. Tarvainen notes that “the Greens have done wrong in permitting Muslims to stand as candidates.”  Lawyer and Green Party candidate for parliament, Hussein Muhammed, published in Uusi Suomi.

Aalto-yliopiston dosentti Kyösti Tarvainen on huolestunut suomalaisen demokratian puolesta. Tarvainen on lähettänyt työsähköpostistaan kaikille Vihreiden nykyisille kansanedustajille sähköpostiviestin otsikolla: Ei muslimeja Eduskuntaan. Tarvainen toteaa, että “Vihreät on tehnyt väärin asettaessaan eduskuntaehdokkaaksi muslimeja.”

The Koran is in conflict with Finland’s constitution when for example we look at gender equality as well as the equality between Muslims and “infidels.” Aalto University senior lecturer, Kyösti Tarvianen

Koraani on ristiriidassa Suomen perustuslain kanssa, esimerkiksi naisten ja miesten tasa-arvon sekä muslimien ja ”vääräuskoisten” tasa-arvon suhteen.

Finland is one of Europe’s most sparsely populated countries inhabited by 17 persons per square kilometer.  The population of Finland ages at this moment faster than in any other country in Europe.  Fact:  In Finland there live at this moment 150,000 foreign nationals. (The former nationality of) those immigrants that have become naturalized Finns cannot be found in population statistics;  between 2006 and 2009 they were a total of about 18,000 and, taking into account the trend in immigration, we know that the figure has been smaller rather than larger in the past.  Kristiina Kouros, published in Savon Sanomat

Suomi on yksi Euroopan harvimmin asutuista maista, asukastiheys on noin 17 ihmistä neliökilometrillä. Suomessa väestö ikääntyy tällä hetkellä nopeimmin koko Euroopassa. Faktaa: Suomessa asuu tällä hetkellä ulkomaan kansalaisia reilut 150 000. Suomen kansalaisuuden saaneita maahanmuuttajia ei vanhemmista väestötilastoista erota, mutta vuosien 2006-2009 välillä heitä oli yhteensä noin 18 000 ja ottaen huomioon maahanmuuttotrendit, tiedetään että tämä luku on aiemmin ollut ennemminkin pienempi kuin suurempi.

Monoculturalism is a term used by some to exclude immigrants and minotiries from society. Enrique Tessieri

Do illegal immigrants pay taxes? YES!!! They generally pay taxes the same way you and I pay them, but without access to most of the benefits that normally come with being a taxpayer. Roy Germano, published on The Other Side of Immigration

Old quote: Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrations and revolutionists. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)

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      Hi Mateus, interesting link. The questions I have are the following: How many are we speaking of and when we attack such a small group of people aren’t we attacking our own values? Apart from not walking naked in public, I do have a right to dress as I please. Instead of embracing such women in our society we are effectively telling them to remain in their place. Our society offers options and we are the ones who decide on them not some politicians with a nervous eye on the election.