Migrant Tales (March 21, 2013): Some immigrants adapt so well to Finland that they even parrot the language of the racist

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Intolerance doesn’t only originate from the majority group, but is alive and kicking among some immigrants as well. White immigrants may have prejudices against their fellow black ones, gays against heterosexuals, religion x against religion y.  In sum, there’s a lot of intolerance promoted out there that reveals itself in the most surprising places. 

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One of the pillars of  our integration program in Finland should be to teach immigrants how to live in a culturally diverse society and the importance of mutual acceptance and respect for others. This may be easier said than done, taking into account that immigration and cultural diversity are new to some Finns.

Here’s the crux of the problem: If we don’t practice what we teach we encourage at the end of the day newcomers to hold the same negative values as us. Don’t we make a mockery of our own values like social equality (tasa-arvo) if we don’t practice what we preach?

Some immigrants have adapted so well to our society that they even parrot the language and jokes of those that loathe them.

I was quite surprised to hear an immigrant make a joke about another immigrant.

Here’s what he said: There was a bomb explosion at a white Finns’ and immigrants’ home. Why didn’t the Finns die?

Answer: Because the Finns were at work and their children at school. The immigrants were all at home because neither their parents were employed nor did their children attend school.


A black unemployed immigrant telling such a tasteless “joke” about other immigrants in Finland?

As far as our integration program is concerned, it got a big “FAIL” with this person.

Sad but true.