Migrant Tales Literary: Would you buy a used car from PS’ Timo Soini?

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Timo Soini is chairman of the nationalist populist Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party. After the most recent opinion polls showed that the political future of the PS is bleak to say the least, what will Soini do after his party returns to the minor political leagues? Will he start to sell used cars? 

Would he sell used Halla-ahos or, maybe, Immonens, Eerolas, Elos, Huhtasaaris and Slunga-Poutsalos at rock-bottom prices?

Would you buy such a used car from him and would you trust his promises?

Why not buy an Immonen? The engineering is as simple as the foul and poisonous arguments it exhales from its behind. So simple, in fact, that the biggest threat to this car and its driver is adding a square root to its 1 + 1 = 2 anti-immigration arguments. Buy it to impress racist simpletons. Source: www.zwischengas.com/de/blog/2012
Näyttökuva 2015-11-7 kello 11.03.54
Here’s a spanking-new Eerola! Impress your friends with this vehicle that comes with a year supply of barf bags. Is it a rocket or a car? Who knows? You’ll respond that even if you are a practical nurse that has worked 12 years at a refugee center you still consider yourself an authority on immigration (sic!). Look at the headlights and rocket “fascist-style Mussolini” look. It’s backlights are intended to be more subdued in order to neutralize the racist demeanor that flashes whenever you signal to switch lanes. Source: www.dominnie.blogspot.com  

Näyttökuva 2015-11-7 kello 11.11.42
This is an Elo. Is it a bird, plane, car or an Elo?! This what-ever-you-call-it is still evolving into an Islamophobic and xenophobic car to join the same league as Halla-aho, Immonen and Eerola. The car’s election on this page is a mistake. In the next elections this “car” will end up in the junk yard. Source: www.imgkid.com
Näyttökuva 2015-11-7 kello 10.33.34
What about a Huhtasaari, a flamboyant-looking car that decorates its arguments with nicknacks that are Islamophobic and xenophobic? Her kindergarten smile is sometimes so sweet that it leaves cavities in your brain. The flashy style of the Huhtasaari is aimed to confuse you as well with made up arguments that use lipstick and other mascara to hide the automobile’s “carcentrism.” Don’t buy this car because it’s a tax guzzler that aims to exclude certain groups from society and keep them indefinitely on social welfare. A Huhtasaari is actually old and ugly but since it doesn’t believe in evolution it still considers itself to be young and beautiful. Source: www.pinterest.com
Näyttökuva 2015-11-7 kello 11.27.55
A Slunga-Poutsalo looks a bit like a surfboard warning with its ugly looks and huge exhaust pipe that emits foul air form its xenophobic behind. The only asset this car has is its sheer ugliness and unmade up look. Source: www.badgerandblade.com
Näyttökuva 2015-11-7 kello 10.05.07
Here’s a Halla-aho. It gives you good political mileage but it is a coffin on wheels. It it ever crashed against the truth it would be a fatal accident. Source: www.telegraph.co.uk
Näyttökuva 2015-11-7 kello 10.51.01
Here is a Soini, a mysterious car that’s been tested for snow jobs. You can’t really get a grip of it never mind figure out what its engineering and image attempt to convey. It’s a wonderful car to hide your darkest opinions about migrants, Muslims and minorities. Buying this car will enable you to speak in code to your racist followers and keep on hiding in a closet. Buy a Soini and nobody will ever know who you are and what you think! Source: www.remarkablecars.com
Näyttökuva 2015-11-7 kello 11.31.45
I wonder how this used car got in this page? It’s a Lahti. Don’t buy this car. It only impersonates racist white supremacist groups like the KKK. Source: www. forbes.com

The Finnish name of the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English-language names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.

  1. Rod

    Some food for thought from Icelandic author and professor Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir, who is calling on Icelanders to ake more refugees – very successfully, it seems.

    “Refugees are human resources, they have experience and skills …
    Refugees are our future spouses, best friends, or soulmates, the drummer for the band of our children, our next colleague, Miss Iceland in 2022, the carpenter who finally finished the bathroom, the cook in the cafeteria, the fireman, the computer genius, or the television host.”
    Miss Finland as well. Amen to that.