Migrant Tales Literary: Words are overrated

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By Suva

Words resonate distinctly affecting the dichotomous semblance
that we face in our assumptions, in our perceptions that we get
triggered most often by getting the signal that misleads
the essence of what is displayed hereon.
Someone said earlier that- in the beginning is the word –
possibly can be replaced with- in the beginning is the sound, that attempts codification, leaving the receiver to en/de-code,
close to the gestural norm by giving an audible form.
Words become a formal emblem to formulate communication,
specifically in the Geo-margin; patented in the capsule
of cultural uniform and then the play of segmentation
rotundifies in typographic pattern of Group Mechanism.
But; what if the sound succeeds amidst the honorary podium
of vocabularies; profoundly, sound renovates in its way
an emotive vocabulary loosely and scarcely accompanied
by gestures, tones, intonations!
We can then open up non-sectored planes
accommodating the unknowable.
Perhaps if we examine such an inclusion where words
are not sovereign to us and sound adjoins the discursive page
of our exclusive-communal crevices, we can excavate more;
devoid of ratings, scores and tabulations.
Sound expresses with frequency and the catalog
becomes variable, becomes accessible to identify
the notion of humming waves, that reach through
audible length of even the unlearned phenomena
of our very own signified beginning
in the space-length of our first inhalation at this sphere.