Migrant Tales Literary: When Finland kicked the shit out of tolerance

by , under Leo Honka

Dedicated to Eila Kännö (1921-2009)*

By Leo Honka

I lived in this land of Finland

from a long, long time ago

before it heard your steps

when it could kick the shit out of tolerance

and walk away with impunity with intolerance

in the streets

as soverign master

Over anything that moved.

You’d be shocked by the things I’ve consumed

with my eyes and ears

and devoured in one gulp

by a thrusted spear through the heart:

The fight to maintain Finland white back then

was pretty easy

all you needed were two sentences:

To keep criminals

and the human trash away.

* Head of the Aliens Office of Finland during 1970-84.  Finland got its first aliens act in 1984, or 66 years after independence. Before this the authorities could detain and deport a migrant with no right of appeal. Some claim that Kännö ran the Aliens Office like a state within a state. 


This book, Naisena miesten maailmassa, was published by Kännö in 1990.