Migrant Tales Literary: What Color is the Finnish Government?

by , under Dana

By Dana 


There is a fist on earth, saying stop this crime oh human

There is a fist on parliament, shouting stop the lie oh liar men

Unresponsive Helsinki, there is a city in  Saami -land

 Has a shame building in it, there is a city in Finnish – land

Sham parliament, raw members oh they are fake – players

Pig fam, weak fam, narcissism fam oh they are racists

There is a fist for my thoughts, with five fingers for my rights

There is a heart in my sores, full of raining warning words

 I see Räsänen fight me, what do you want of me Päivi?

  You made war against me , I rest your case in pilvi*

They are not one, two and three, they are angry bees

They call themselves ministers, they are paranoid filled with fear

There is a fist on this gang, this is my fist and my wand

There is a wind on this wall, storm is hungry to hunt

What color is Finnish law?

What color is Finnish government?

What color is ur spirit ?

* pilvi = clouds, sky

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