Migrant Tales Literary: Voice of My Zeal

by , under Dana

By Dana
I have no weapon i have no gun but i have pen
I have no crowd , I have me alone, but i am brave
Am not terrorist, am not dirty one but you are fakes
I have no army i have no soldiers but i am bless
I have a soul in deep of me, i have no sword HEY look at me
I can feel it pain, i can talk to rain, but you mean war
I can expalin i can talk in kind but you are far
Am in your bad list, am not a facist but you are poor
I am not abuse, am a big victor, but you are fool
I paid for my mom, we waited long time, your name scam
We had mountain wish, you are a selfish, i cant be calm
I have bird in me, i sing for big tree, but you mean hate
You are all fearful, sick racist and sour, but i am LOVE
I cant feel happy, i lost my momy, you are monster
I am her baby, she,s gone without me, You are cheater
I have no ball-tank but you are a shark, you are an asp
I am a woman you,r not human, you drink my sap
I am angry, you cant be free, am with my GOD
You are a coward, you have a pig face,am not a tad
I understand, i have no big gang, stop it rape
You raped my soul, you killed my heart, stop it bake
You baked for me  balck chemical and poison cake
Now where are you oh  merciless racists with my node case???
You are stressful, you can not figure anything out
You cant write a law, you,r jealous in mind and very tight
I am with morals u build wall and walls, you are loser
You are with devil, i can feel it tear, i am winner
You have no hero, you,r bitter fellow, your wild in heart
You bloodthirsty, wow shame on you
Dont attack to me, back to your zoo
You are nerveless, You are  wicked
You have a red card, eat your pickled
This is my message for YOU Finland
Not for good people but ruthless  blind
Take it serious, am not joking
For you parliament,stop mocking
Dont turn your face you government, oh
You cant talk to me face to face, wow???
Who can talk to me between you bears
Take it off your mask you need a nurse

Finland becareful u break down, u will lose badly u cant be fine
Your,re on balck line so take good care, listen to this bell,  this is a sign
This is my war word for you Finalnd
Sure not for good Finns, but for deaf band
Not for every Finn but for Hitlers

I am standing with my soul pearls