Migrant Tales Literary: Unleashed hope (Part II)

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By Anonymous  

hope is near when we hope!

hope is dear where there is hope!

hope helps us bear and makes us not lose hope!


hope helps us not fear atrocities for we hope!

hopes creates a new layer on the skin torn by rope!

of adversity and hardships that we bear for we hope!


that hopes is so near we should not loose hope!

for it strengthens our resolve with its rope!

makes us run like a deer in pursuit for hope!


for even if far it will be near like the ear-lobe!

and help us breath its fresh air and like others hope!

in our hearts keep it alive in the course to find hope !


for we ourselves are hope!

we are hope!…if we hope!

and continue to hope!

if only, we don’t loose hope!


for it our cries hear and hopes that we can still hope!

even where there is no hope… still continue to hope!

and keep alive that precious hope!


Yesterday… today…. and tomorrow – hear us hope!

For you have special ears for the voiceless without hope!

seek you day and night – for you are our only hope!


we need you hope to give us hope!

we need you hope to give us the rope!

that holds the loops of hope !


feed our bodies with antibiotics of hope!

to protect us against those who want to kill our hopes!

for we need you hope!


fill our minds with a doze of hope!

to enable us face the inevitable with equanimity and hope!

For we need you hope!



to promise us today will be better than yesterday if we hope!

and even tomorrow better than today if we still hope!

for our everyday life shakes without you hope!


drain our heart and souls with an IV drip of hope!

to gives us non-stop-courage and endurance and hope!

for we need you badly hope!


For without you…hope! we are nope!

become traumatized and drop like a rope!

and lose our identities and became nope!


with self-proclaimed pathologies that becomes our robe!

and diagnosis which weakens our hope!

as we become nope!


for shrinks do not believe in hope!

but medications that may stop our hope!

we need you hope!


to enable us hop-step and jump to catch the hope!

Lets keep alive hope to give us the unleashed hope!

Lets keep alive the hope that gives us unleashed hope!


For with hope-we have hope!

And we are hope!

for it gives us unleashed hope!


Migrant Tales…………….Migrant Tales………… Migrant Tales!

keep our hopes alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..Keep our hopes alive!

Our unleashed hope!


  1. Brave

    Hope loves you and sends u many hugs
    Hope is dancing with you in a garden of lights
    Don’t never ever give up
    Hope is in you
    Hope is part of you
    Always hope
    Always hope
    Stay in hope, hope is ur home