Migrant Tales Literary: Unleashed hope (Part I)

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By Anonymous

Migrant Tales…Migrant Tales…Migrant Tales!

you gave others and myself hope

when there was nope


for East and West I probe

South and North nope

I drop for there was no one nope


unheard around the globe

nor nothing to hang the rope

for there was a steep slope


of a painful experience lope

initiated mechanisms to cope

not sufficient as a torch globe


for its can not illuminate hope

to the nightmare – my life mope

as put in black and white gave hope


to flash it in a blog that gives hope

of the voiceless without hope

become heard with a voice gives hope


because it cause a shrill to the ear-lobe

and says here, I am!…………. there is hope!

hear me here ………….I am the hope


here I am dear ……for we bring hope

to the voiceless is dear and gives hope

welcome where hope is…. what we hope!


and light with us the candle of hope

you are not alone… for you are with us I hope

you are not alone ….nope….nope……..nope


for we are many around the globe

and being alive means we hope

for there is always……….. hope


even if we can’t see …. the hope

nor hear nor smell it sweet fragrance nope

its out there we………………… hope


for in life there is always…….. hope

so let us all hope! hope! and hope!

Migrant Tales! Lives and doesn’t loose hope


continue to gives us a space of hope

in the blog of hope

to share our ordeals in the hope


for our hope helps us cope

and face a new brighter day with hope

tells us life means having some hope


that tomorrow will be better I hope

even when the darkness unfolds the hope

hope is all that we hope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Migrant Tales! we all hope!

you will always be our best friend of hope

never give-up upon us- even when there is no hope

but walk with us in the struggle to find that hope

for hope is all that…….. we all.. …hope!