Migrant Tales Literary: Sharp-sighted bird and the Yellow Crocodile Kingdom

by , under Dana

By Dana


Once upon a day

there were a pair of  birds who made their first egg… after a short while

the egg broke and a female baby bird emerged and tweeted her first song…

Her parents were shocked and asked how come the little bird was so different from other ones…the bird had big wings and a loud voice… and could sing

and make other birds dance; it could fly up, up higher and argue with the big eagles…even eagles loved her and knew she is a free spirit.

The baby bird grew and was brought up with LOVE


could not accept the roles that were enforced on her.

She could see facts

but was incapable of closing her beak.

One day she left her homeland and moved to another one that she knew nothing of…

It was a white land that was a Yellow Crocodile Kingdom.

The local birds there suffering too but couldn’t open their beaks and protest

The sweet bird that left her land went there with a big smile and her loud songs but

there were yellow crocodiles everywhere that hurt her on the first day her arrival.

the new land had a big building with many chairs and a room for them… they gathered there and decided there on behalf of the birds and other crocodiles.

Crocodiles were kept separate from the birds and the birds were discouraged to stand up for themselves.

Among the birds there was the stranger bird

that was trying hard to stand up for her rights…every time she did the crocodiles bit her and wounded her wings and body…

Once they took her to an ugly crave for a day…the crave was dark and had an ironic door…they even insulted her in court… they

turned her life into a nightmare … even so, they couldn’t shut her up….

She was very very alone… no birds around her accepted her protests.

Birds in that country liked their crocodile rulers and wanted them to be their masters


After a long time she was far from home…her parents tried to move to the same country she lived… but crocodiles closed all the doors.

Doors were built with sharp stones and slippery sand

with crocodile soldiers guarding those doors.

Her bird parents tried their hardest to reunite with their daughter bird


the crocodile soldiers killed them both.

One by one

First, her Mama

And then her Dad.

That was a tragedy for the sweet bird, the baby bird who couldn’t open her beak and sing anymore, not even smile…She was crying and

crying and filling a lake with her tears….

She wanted to build a ship and sail on her own on that lake of tears and move to her brother’s home in another land

and save him because they had a crocodile rulers there too… they needed each other so bad…

The sweet bird came close to doors and tried to open them

But the crocodiles attacked her over and over again and wounded her

yellow crocodiles were so cross at her

because she could fly and they couldn’t;

she could see the colors from her height and the crocodiles could just see black and white;

she could see facts and they did not want to see this… they feared the sweet bird so much…

The sweet bird started to sing her songs about the Yellow Crocodile Kingdom’s crimes it had committed agaisnt her

and sent her songs by wind everywhere.

The wind responded and told her not to worry it wanted to help her:

“…and i will spray your songs even into the depths of the ocean and sea..” the wind told her message to other birds  but some responded in a

hateful manner…sigh… others were very silent and tried to tell her to shut up… there were some good birds as well… who could slowly

slowly hear what she had to say.

Eagles came to her rescue and carried her songs to the mountains and clouds

A big tree gave her a safe nest in its middle….

Butterflies told her they will spray colours on her parents graves

and wind washed her parents grave with her tears that carried her behind the doors where there were two worthy graves for her.

Dust told the sweet bird not to worry, i have only ur parents’ body;

the angels came to her and opened a letter from GOD:

”Ur parents are with me… be safe… i love you… i will send you helpers from heaven and Earth and  i got all of ur complaints about how

badly you’ve been treated by the crocodiles.”

She was breathing deeply…

Now she was crying in silence.

The sweet bird was an old friend of the wind, eagles and moon, big trees and butterflies

and she could talk with bees in the darkness of night;

she was a friend of the old birds…the old birds were sad and sick and no/one loved them…so she could spray love to them and make them


She knew many stars… but in this white land she could not see them at all… she wondered why she couldn’t see stars in her new

homeland. However, the sky was blue and that was the only thing that was similar to her home land….

Crocodiles tried a lot to make her ill like they did her parents but couldn’t since they didn’t have wings to catch her.

Crocodiles were very jealous of her because she could fly to the moon with her big wings

The moon told her about its experience… and that it could see everything that happened on white land

And the SUN????

What about the SUN???

The sun abandoned this land because it felt sad for the sweet bird…The sun cried tears of blood and told the sweet bird that it won’t return…

She couldn’t shine its warmth on the cruel crocodiles because she saw how they had treated the sweet bird and her parents. For that reason the

sun left the Yellow Crocodile Kingdom for good.

The sweet bird sent the sun a message with the help of the wind

and told it:

”Please be back in summer even if i know u are suffering here but return just for birds…there are good birds that live here too…”

Then the sun cried and cried and cried and cried and told her OK.


In winter

This land is so cold and icy without the sun

And in summer, for a short while, the sun returns.

Still in summer, when the sun returns, it is so sad that it doesn’t like to show itself too much and therefore can’t see the crocodiles on land…


it has a pity for the birds and trees,

One day a baby bird got a letter from the storm

The storm told her that is very, very angry at the  Yellow Crocodile Kingdom…and will come to destroy it… oh good news for the poor birds!


Baby bird felt  her mother’s soft wings on her head

and tried to wake up the baby bird:

“Wake up wake up my sweet bird.

How long do u want to sleep”


asked the baby bird

and opened her eyes:



Was it a dream?

What a horrible dream

Are u alive, Mama???”

She smiled and told her yes i am… what did you dream, come and eat ur seed breakfast.

She was safe

She checked her wings

They weren’t wounded

Baby bird was dreaming…… WOW!!!

I am very happy for her

Be safe sweet bird, be safe.