Migrant Tales Literary: The racist and his rabid dog

by , under Leo Honka

By Leo Honka 

The racist shows off

his rabid dog

on a short leash

footsteps and gleaming eyes

speak of  satisfaction

on the pavement and media attention

thanks to his rabid dog.

Like flies on flypaper

struggling to survive

the racist too owns a rabid dog.

On a short leash he walks, walks

but doesn’t know

the true nature of the beast

that knows no master

and can bite back, hard

like Anders Breivik.

What should we do!?

A racist and his rabid dog

in our midst and on our streets!

Send them both to the municipal racist pound!

Give them a shot of tolerance,  a possible cure!

So the racist

will no longer show off his rabid dog

on a short leash.