Migrant Tales Literary: Suomi tai Suola, Saltland or Finland (Part II)

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By Dana


Before a storm everything looks great but it will come and it will break and destroy perfectly

Wind will clean all happiness

And trees will cry their best

When a sun can’t make you happy

And when a rain is a curse

When a child is singing  about death

And old men and women can’t rest in their nest

No/one wants them, they are alone

On the beds in hospitals, it is not rare

Oh look they are so sick and tired

Life doesn’t need them any more they are fired

They are crying, but with hidden tears

Death is flying around them with black birds

When children have two dads and moms

They just think about bread, butter and jam

When humans are greedy and cruel

Money is their only goal, they are real fools

When a president is rich and his friends even richer

He has no wisdom, believe me, he needs a teacher

When ministers have fake smiles on their faces

They are afraid of your thoughts, they close your case

When drunks scream in streets, and beer is their jest

Magazine gestures with meaningless pictures, no more no less

Why does the press publish some ugly nude words?

Nobody searches for the truth, where are real roads?

In that time judges can’t open their mouths

and courts cannot stand  for their  false rights

When a president dies like the poor

When a king and queen will fall in a hole

When a dog can see facts about their owners

When a cat will laugh at people in their corners

There won’t be any freedom for you

You will lose all in a moment that is the truth

When salt-land  makes a kingdom of darkness

Big clouds will shower it with blood and sharks

When you close your heart to beauty

You will lose and your life will be bad and dirty

When your life is sad and dirty, means you are a guilty

You deserve no kindness, not even pity

Big round Earth will shake and shake and shake

Moon will laugh at jerk, and berk and jerk


There is a storm on the way and nothing can stop it

Nothing can give sweetness to salt

You have zero chances


* zero