Migrant Tales Literary: Suomi tai Suola, Saltland or Finland (Part I)

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By Dana


YES, that’s it!

Risk-land and jail-land

What is the opposite of the Nobel Peace Prize? Is there a Nobel Ignoring Prize or such a prize in the world? I mean a Nobel that could be given to people who neglect others?

For sure Finland does not deserve the Nobel  Peace Prize and never will…  that’s very, very clear… i have never felt peace  in my life in Finland but it does deserve a Hate Prize because i’ve got so much hate constantly, right and left.

There is no human right in Finland… oh, okay, there are human rights organizations , well they claim to be but they all play the same music and melody…. La la la la  that’s not my job, la la la la call another place, la la la la i am sorry,…. And on and on and on.

So there is no reason to offer the Nobel Peace Prize to Suomi or Suola.*

Like in their  Parliament there r different groups and sides…A, B, C, kok, mock , pork,

D, E, F  fake, fake this is what u will take.

They are all one body in different shadows.

They all play the same music with the same piano and same notes

Do re mi fa so la si do

Oh do re mi fa suola doors

Dol si la so fa mi re do

Wolves are hungry, racists sing so

And who chose and chooses them?

For sure not the aliens, but Finns.

And what is the Finnish people’s idea about their government?

Wouldn’t it be better if Finland never accepted a united EU?

And it could build some ironic doors on the ground and sky around itself?

With a currency they could call the suola?

Or paras

The best


Is there a best in this world?

Truly what is best? What is better? What is good?

Who knows?

What do you think about this as a human being?

Do you enjoy to being a human?

Have you ever asked yourself who and what i am?

Some of us are not human, even if we looks human with a face and body.

What makes us human?

For sure it’s not the face and body but a deep matter in us. What is it?

Who knows? Again who knows? Who knows – hands up, no i never seen a hand up.

How many questions are you asking yourself every day?

And how many answers do WE get?

What is your most important question?

Have you ever judged yourself? What happened to you then?

Do you have dreams?

Do u remember them? Have you had the same dreams? What do they mean to u?

Yes, i’ve had the same dreams… in different shapes…. My mama was with me, in a shop and streets…everywhere…we were talking and feeling safe….suddenly i lost her. she parted so fast… i saw her, i could not go behind her, i lost her… that happens all the time in my dreams.

I’ve seen this dream many times in the last months, before mama started a new life…. and now

After she left this earth

Those dreams are gone

I don’t see them anymore


I could not get the message

It was meaning to convey

mama will go… sigh, oh Mama I  Love You So Much, just wish a touch, come and touch me, now i can’t talk anymore about my mama because i will cry. stop, stop.

But about Suola.

Can anything grow on salt? No wisdom ( that’s why there is no-one in Parliament that talks with wisdom; they are all in union, in union about the same thing, but they play different roles like a TV with different channel, but it is one TV with one system and one voltage and  program) can grow on salt, no morals, no ideas, no creativity, just bitterness.

Finland is a risky country. Come to Finland if you hate yourself and you want to punish yourself… If you have no hope come here too; if you are lazy and tired of running come here.

Before you come here go and buy yourself ironic shoes because you will run here and there.

Do not come here if you are an intelligent foreigner….oh everything will be against you.

Every law and organization will be against you because they need a slave not a brave person who can think.

Do you want to tell me now about your tough experience in Finland?

Or maybe you’re experience is holy – so what?

 1, 2, 3

Tell me more about how free you are

4, 5, 6 living in Finland is a risk.

* Salt