Migrant Tales Literary: Sharp-eyed bird and Yellow Crocodile Kingdom (Part II)

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By Dana
Have you heard about  the crocodile
That has a kingdom of hate and lies?
Have you heard about its angry eye
That can only see in black and white?
Have you been in the land of darkness
Where soldiers spray sadness and weakness?
Have you met a bird with big light wings
Who lives under terror and painful things?
Have you been told where u r living
Are u aware, safe or sleeping?
Have you spoken with freedom of choice
Can you accept a bird with a loud voice?Have you heard a song teaching good law

Or did they wash your brain, made u a cow?Have you ever, talked to eagles

Or have you fought, with hungry big bears?Have you read, about human rights

Can you feel the immorality between walls
Have you seen scorpions in parliament
Have you been told it is full of guns?
Have you told yourself hi and good night
Have U wished for a party, with GOD and light?
Have you felt handcuffs, right on your wrists
Have you gone to court without lawyers?
Have u heeeard about the crocodile
Who eats birds, and is a shy killer?