Migrant Tales Literary: Roxana Crisólogo Correa at kymmenen runoilijaa

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Migrant Tales readers have had the opportunity to read Roxana Crisólogo Correa’s poetry. The presentation below of “Kymmenen runoilijaa,” in Helsinki was part of a poetry concert with other poets like Anja Erämaja, Marcel Jaentschke, Hashim Matouq, Inger-Mari Aikio-Arianaick, Polina Kopylova, Diana Mistera, Nzar Kwestani and Signmark.

The concert included the participation of the musician Sergio Castrillón who accompanied Roxana Crisólogo Correa and Marcel Jaentschke, in their presentations.

“Kymmenen runoilijaa” poetry concert was a sublime and magical experience where the public could feel emotions in other languages, including sign language. Roxana Criólogo Correa’s poem is in Spanish.


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