Migrant Tales Literary: Peep show

by , under Leo Honka

Leo Honka

Folks! We’re not going to visit a traditional peep show with women or men but one where all your bigotry, hate, and racism undress before you.

Social media peep show sites like Hommaforum* are such places. People visit them anonymously and get all excited by their lewd thoughts. They too undress but with the help of their racist comments.

A poem on a social media peep show wall once read:

Näyttökuva 2015-3-15 kello 9.53.26


Even if I am a racist my hate is virile

When I’m able to set my racism free

always anonymously, of course

I feel free to undress

with the help of spiteful words.

I am sick with hate, I know

but what can I do?

 I’ve learned to keep my head low

anonymously in the peep show booth

through the thick glass window

Peeking and watering from the mouth at racism.

I’m getting ready to write a comment

support and vote for any party or group

that hates migrants

minorities and gays.

Those sons of bitches make me feel so inferior

forcing me to live in the shadows and be a nobody and peep show patron.

* Hommaforum is a hate site founded by Perussuomalaiset MEP Jussi Halla-aho, who was sentenced for inciting ethnic hatred, and Matias Turkkila. It is the voice of racism in Finland and that of the PS.