Migrant Tales Literary: Modes of travel

by , under Enrique Tessieri

It is the same feeling of anticipation you have at an airport, where you are in the land of nowhere with a sense of being somewhere else.

You are wrong if you if you believe that there is only one way of traveling. As a migrant who has travelled all of his life, I have learned that there are many modes of travel.

Landscapes upside down or rightside up? Photo: Enrique Tessieri


Traveling with the help of geography is the easiest way of acquainting oneself with a new place. All you have to do is let your eyes do the recording and, presto! The sceneries and experiences that enter through the eyes usually release pleasant sensations in the mind and heart due to their novelty. Even though traveling geographically is a bit for dummies, there are other modes of travel.   


When you travel in this way, you fall into a sort of trance daydreaming of places near and far away with a fuel called imagination. Fueling imagination is done by arousing it with the help of a good book and maps. Some of the initial beatufy of this mode of travel has been lost with the Internet.


With the helo of imagination as a mode a travel, history can be converted into a personal time machine. Have you ever imagined while gazing at very old pictures what it would be like if you could enter them and chat with the immobile people? What would they say and what would I tell them?


My favorite mode of travel is culturally. In order for this to be effective, I need the help of geography, spirits and imagination to sumerge myself in culture. If I do everything right, I can enter and leave cultures at ease traveling light as a feather.