Migrant Tales Literary: Mark or question mark

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By Dana

Source: www.aumethodists.org

White or yellow or one step until yellow …Finish the race???

The question mark means that it is a question for you, so this story wants your ideas; u can prove them, ur idea as u wish.

This is a colorful question so it isn’t an easy question to answer… but if I contrarily asked a colorless question every one would be answer it easily.

Actually i am trying to understand more about your race because i want to know where you came from, when, how and why did you come to Finland???

And there is nothing wrong to talk about race or ask this question… that’s my opinion.

Did you all came from the same place? Like the Ural Mountains… or from some different place?

Some Finns have tight eyes, flat noses and round faces; some of you aren’t white but yellow…again this is only my observation.

Well for sure you know who you are better than anyone else.

When you are a blond, there’s a faint, faint streak of yellow.

Yes your race… don’t be shocked because it was you who made me focus on race from the first day i set foot on Finland.

However i am proud of who i am… i love myself and my family and when i have a question i answer it easily… i am a Persian from Iran.

i always love everything  and everything that I have belongs to me.

Race is not important  for me but  morals are more important. Talking about race isn’t forbidden by me since i’d like to know more about who  you are.

I am myself a brunette and Persian, but in Iran we have white, blond, dark and darker… different kinds of people live in my country.

My grandfather was a white man with green eyes (they called him blond, but he was not like your blond). My grandmother was like me.

I’d like to test my DNA… it would be exciting for me to know even if I couldn’t change the result. I am who I am.

Finally we are  both guests in this land, aren’t we not?? The Sami were here before you moved here, and when i came here you were both here.

You came earlier and i came later… you came with your family and and i came alone and it was not my will… it was the UN’s  will.

Then why isn’t this land called Samiland instead of Finland???


I have never seen a Sami person in Finland and i would like to meet them…it is one of my wishes; i’d like see them face to face and close up. i’d like to know about their culture. Well i was living only in Vaasa and then in Helsinki, i know they live in such places but I never met one of them.


So how do you feel about my question?

Do you like it if a stranger asked you such a question?

Or do you think that it your the only one who has the right to ask such a question?

Does race play a big role in your life? Well this is a big question for your politicians and government… i don’t know if they’d  even let you ask such a question.

This question  gives the Finnish government such an allergic reaction that its body temperature can rise to 45C°.

My chin is up.

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