Migrant Tales Literary: If you are a Finn

by , under Mark, Migrant Tales Literary


If you are a Finn, what is a Fonn?

Was your flag blue and white, or was it lilac and yellow?

Sorry, what was that again? Sano säki mua suks?

Or was it san snää mnuu snuuks?

So who hates who in this mnuu snuu, I wonder?


So, I am the maahanmuuttaja.

There is only one of us, after all.  — Ha, you wish!

I am a mover of countries, apparently!

I see that my country certainly moved with me!

Was I a ulkomaalainen! Or was I a tulokaslaji?


A Finn…

sweats to get clean

swims in ice to get warm

drinks vodka to get thirsty

stays silent to communicate


Still, it’s not all contradictions.

Finns sleep. Finns clean their teeth. Finns talk (yes they do!).

Finns laugh. Finns smile. Finns walk (oh, and Finns pooh!).



You know, people from Finland (or was that Funland?).


You know, where the cocks crow a bit funny, like “cock-a-coockle-coo”


You know, not Swedes. Oh, but wait, some of them speak Swedish, too!


Tree lovers. True lovers. Nature lovers. Lake lovers. Because love is quite unique to Finland, don’t you know!


Because F comes before G, and I comes after H, and N comes after M and oh, that, once again, and then S comes before T. And then, finally, we’re done.


Because there is something extra special about Suomi.

Sacred, even!


So if you are a Finn. What am I, then? What am I to you?

Someone else, not a Finn, not so lucky, perhaps?

Not kin, to a Finn. But born into a dustbin. Just, someone “…from somewhere else!”


Do the birds in Finland know that they are Finnish?

That they are special?

Why not? – someone should tell them. Hey, suomalainen lintu – kuuntele!

Sä oot erityinen!

Every one of you! And the worms you eat, too.

All special. Loveable. Valuable.

Cos your Finnish.


I’m not a Finn.

I guess that means I’m finished.



  1. Brave

    My appalsue ho hooo…. not for Finns for YOUuuu
    Finn Finn find a mean

    I am a foreigner…. you for me too
    My ghost is a white boo…. your ghost is white too
    So lets sing a song for boo boo, boo boo… know that i have a red blood like youuu
    You hate me oh boo… but you dont know me in true
    Come on get happy ….we both have a boo
    Booland or Finland…Finland be meanland
    Dont be a hurtland…dont throw me sand
    Give me your hand now…. be my friend/love
    Can you be my friend??? If not then dont blame
    Let me touch your heart… share me your good part
    I cant dance a walts…. but i can sing songs
    You cant understand my song
    If u get me wrong
    Am joking to you
    we are happy boo
    boo boo boo booooo

    Good evening Mark, i wish a happy life for you and all people on MT
    boo booo 🙂