Migrant Tales Literary: Hey Universe, Finnish Law beats me up

by , under Dana


Dear universe,

This is my lonely life in Finland…

Finnish law beats me up in different ways,

no/one nowhere takes responsibility; there’s not one place in Helsinki that i can go to complain about my loneliness and separation from my loved ones.

No/one will listen to me because if i ask a question they’ll tell me ”u r in the wrong place…”

Hey universe,

Do u know why Finnish law sentences me to live in loneliness?

Why do Finnish laws hate me? I know that you know and you know what I think…You know everything about me.

Hey universe,

What’s the meaning of having laws?

What is law and what isn’t law?

I don’t want the law to decide for me but i want u to decide for me .

I do not want the law to forge my destiny but i want u to make my destiny.

Hey universe,

Show me an open door, a way out of this terrible place,

i love you.

My ears are next to you

Love you GOD,

Ur daughter