Migrant Tales Literary – Finnish Immigration Service: Biting law نیش قانون

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 Finnish Immigration Service: Biting law   نیش قانون

By Dana

تو میگریشن پلیس تنها بلایی                            تو میگریشن پلیس بد نا قلایی

U migration police the only pain                     U migration police r underhanded

تو میگریشن پلیس ظالم جفاکار                     تو میگریشن پلیس زشت و طلبکار

U migration police are cruel, bring anguish       U migration police are ugly and a predator

تو میگریشن پلیس تاریک و دردی                    مریضی تب داری اری تو زردی

U migration police instill darkness                 Illness, fever, yes u r yellow

بدادم مدرک و هر پول که خواستی                      فرستادی مرا یک نه تو مکار؟

I gave u all money and answered the questions that u wanted       U sent me a NO, ur deceitful

دلم خونین جگر کردی با این کار                         خیانت کردی ای ملعون بیمار

U made my heart bleed with your NO              U cheated , ur damn sick

گرفتارم نمودی تو هیولا                                   نداری هیچ خبر از شاه دنیا؟

U involved me [in your games], u monster                         Dont u know that there is a God?

زدی ضربه به گوشت و استخوانم                          جفا بس کن شکستی خاندانم

 Ur stare impacts my flesh and bone                Stop the anguish, u have broken my family

تو د اری خانواده من اسیرم                              تو ترسویی من اما یک دلیرم

U have a family but i am your prisoner                 U r timid,  but  i am brave

تو بازی میکنی با وقتم ای مار                    تو عقرب هستی و زهرت کند خوار

U r playing with my time, u snake                    U r a scorpion, ur poison bites into me

بود قانون تو قانون ظلمت                               ندارد فکر تو یک ذره حکمت

Ur law is the law of darkness                          Ur thought has not even a particle of wisdom

بود اخلاق مالک بر جهانها                                 ولی قانون تو جهل و معما

Morality is the law of universe                          But ur law is ignorance and a puzzle

تو فنلاند زنده باشی تا ابدا اه                         ولی قانون تو سم است و بد خواه

Ur Finland may live forever                               But ur law is toxic and ill

  1. justicedemon

    The offence of denigrating a public authority (julkisen viranomaisen halventaminen, formerly section 24 of chapter 16 of the Finnish Penal Code) is no longer on the statute book.

    I should point out that the expression “immigration police” can only really refer to specialised sections of larger local police departments. These duties are mainly administrative, involving receiving and processing applications from foreigners. Only relatively minor, routine administrative decisions are taken locally. These include extending residence permits where the grounds for permission have not changed. The police do not decide more substantial administrative matters such as issuing entirely new residence permits, expulsion from Finland or Finnish citizenship applications. The duties of the local police also include supervising and enforcing administrative decisions made locally and elsewhere.

    Substantial administrative matters are decided by a specialist agency, the Finnish Immigration Service, which is entirely separate from the police. The FIS processes all substantial matters of immigration and naturalisation.

    One of the problems of public relations between the police and foreigners in Finland is an understandable misperception and exaggeration of the executive powers of the local police (this misperception is on both sides in my experience). It is very easy to assume that the office where I hand in my application and receive the eventual decision must be the office that made the decision. Inexperienced and poorly trained police officers can also either deliberately or unintentionally encourage that assumption.

    The long-term effect of organising services in this way is to prejudice relations between immigrants and the police, which has the potential to spill over into other aspects of relations between the police and immigrant communities.

    This poem is a good example. We are familiar with Dana’s situation, and it is quite clearly not the result of anything that the police have done or could have done.

  2. I am

    Good evening dear justicedemon,
    I wish that all is okay with u,
    I have a few question please,
    I always have much questions a bout law in Finland
    Who makes decision in immigration office?
    Who are they? Why they accept application forms from people when they have a big lock on their doors?
    How to open a locked door here in Finland, like this situation on poem?
    Who should answer to us?
    Why no /one accept this responsibilty in immigration office?
    Who is a head of this problem?
    Have a great night Justicedemon
    : )

  3. justicedemon

    Hello I am

    As I explained above, the important decisions are made at the Finnish Immigration Service. These include decisions on the first residence permit and decisions on expulsion from Finland. The official who signs the decision is legally responsible for it and answerable for it.

    The decisions of the Finnish Immigration Service are normally open to appeal, which means that a court may review the decision to verify that it complies with the law.

    Finnish laws are decided by Parliament, mainly on the basis of proposals from the government. The government in turn consults various experts and interest groups on matters of detail and general principle when formulating these proposals (and when we are lucky (as in 2003-2004), the government even follows the advice of those experts and interest groups).

    The role of a local police station in these important decisions is quite minimal. If an application is formally complete, then the police have a duty to forward it to FIS for processing. The police station is then little more than a letterbox.

    One problem with junior staff in police stations has been the attitude that they can bully applicants into changing the material content of applications in the guise of providing advice. Such cases used to be disturbingly common, but my perception is that they are nowadays quite rare. It is anyway foolish to make last minute changes in an application, especially if you have carefully worked out the details of your immigration strategy with an expert. That’s like going into an electrical shop to buy a TV and then spending the money on a washing machine instead because a very junior shop assistant has told you that you are “not allowed” to buy a TV until you get a TV licence.

    You can find an English translation of the Aliens Act here, but please be warned that you also need some understanding of the general aims and structure of a law before you can draw any firm conclusions about how it should apply to a specific case.

  4. I am

    A fat hello to u dera justicedemon,
    Thank u so much for u answered to me.
    Have a happy day my dear friend