Migrant Tales Literary: Finland does not accept asylum seekers any longer

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One of the children of the Iraqi family of nine looks outside her barred and barb-wired window from the Joutseno immigration removal center. Source: Migrant Tales and Iltalehti.

By Leo Honka

On ships,

On foot,

By bus,

By plane,

By car,

By bike,

With hope,

Everyone conspires to leave

where the floodlights comb

the state of siege.

Whoever writes about pain,

in my country,

is slain,

tortured on the street

left starving

fed to your racism.

Don’t sing me any lullabies!

Don’t hand me calf shit

that Finland is not accepting asylum seekers!

If they place me in front of a firing squad

I’ll die yelling Viva Finlandia!

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