Migrant Tales Literary: Dedicated to asylum seeker in cell 406*

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By Dana

I have some questions for both the Finnish people and foreigners who live in Finland.

What do you think about laws that work against humanity?

About laws that send you to your execution? Those laws are policies that take the person and kill him /her with a gun or with a rope.

What is the difference between a judge who makes decision to execute you, a human being, and a person who is doing this for a judge and the law?

The view from cell 406 in November. He is now in cell number 208.

Which one is guiltier? The judge or the person who is hired for the job?

This is the 21st century, Finland claims many things but there is an execution law in Finland, a jail law, a cell law, a torture law against asylum seekers, refugees…

A 21 years old young man is in a cell, after a 2-year game with the immigration service and court, after 2 years of stress and being under pressure … 2 years being homeless and waiting for peace…

It’s his second time in a cell and jail; he gave up, he has no more energy, he is alone, no family, he lost his Christian father in Iraq, he is a Christian and he can’t go back to Iraq, and yet Iraq is not safe, it’s a war zone …

What does war zone and ISIS mean for you people? Why does the Finnish government help and support ISIS and why does it send back poor asylum seekers and hands them right in their hands ??? Have you ever thought about this? What kind of a relationship is there between the Finnish government and ISIS and other terrorist groups in Iraq???

He is a child of this world, he is not coming from another planet, he is a human being like me and you, we all are looking for peace, this is not a crime!

Tell me why does Finland, and the court and judge, make a decision to send him back to Iraq?

Who is this judge that has no mercy on humans? if these kinds of judges are doing so much good why do they hide themselves and their names??? Can he/ she have mercy on you? Who knows, maybe next time it will be your turn to meet such a judge???

Racism is a very powerful force in Finland, people are suffering from racism, don’t close your eyes, don’t keep silent, stand up for humanity, stand up for yourself!

They will send this Christian kid back to Iraq next Monday don’t be silent.

If you have a heart, then you can hear him and you can cry with him – then you can see his tears!

* The asylum seeker, who was locked up last year in cell 406 of the Lappeenranta immigration removal center, was sent today to the same facility. He is now in cell 208 and is expecting deportation on Monday.