Migrant Tales Literary: Death

by , under Dana

By Dana


Death is calling me, caaall calling

Because my life is a bore, booore bore

Death is teaching me, hooow… why

That i may enjoy Mama’s company, hiiigh high.

Death is calling my name, oh that’s well

Because in Finland i have nothing to heal

Death is calling my heart, wow its dark

Finnish law biting at my flesh, it’s a big shark

Death is calling my soul, ding dong dalang

Racist working trampling my rights, they are a gang

Death is telling me to come, give me your hands

I cannot leave my bro, he is my chance

Death is showing me its face, moon and space

I cannot come with you now, light is my case

Death is dancing here full of a joy

But my dad is shouting at me…stay in world

Death is singing to me inside a bird

My Mama kisses my head tells me, darling girl

Death is in everywhere, I’m a refugee

The system gave me problems, sharp and huge

Death is coming to me in my dreams

Oh please leave me alone, i have to sing

Death is jumping around, it is in a jail

Finland is a wolf in my life, listen to my wail.