Migrant Tales literary blog?

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Would launching a separate “little” literary blog (Migrant Tales “Little”?) be a good idea? It would publish poetry, short stories, short plays, drawings. anecdotes,  and pictures of our lives in Finland and elsewhere. Depending on how this lifts off, we could even organize contests.

Everyone, irrespective of his or her background, is warmly welcome to contribute.

“Little” literary magazines are different from consumer magazines. Many don’t carry ads and their circulation is under 1,000.

Please send all material and queries to [email protected] 

Look forward to receiving your contributions so we can share them with others!

Enrique Tessieri


Ireland and the financial crisis 2011. (Picture by ET)

This original Brazilian song could be about a young immigrant who travels to foreign lands. Here’s part of the song translated into English from the original Spanish lyrics below:

“Imagine and you’ll see

The Southern Cross Constellation*

Don’t ever forget it,

Irrespective of the path you take

That star appears

And its light will orient you…

Be curious

To see where the old sun hides

Behind another  horizon

For the simple reason that everything depends

On your imagination.

If you try, maybe you’ll discover

A path that nobody has found…

* The Southern Cross Constellation is as important to Brazilians as the North Star to the Finns. The Southern Cross Constellation is visible on the Brazilian flag.


Spanish lyrics of “Consideración” by Rubén Blades

Imagina y verás
A la Constelación del Crucero del Sur.
No la ovides jamás,

Para que en cualquier rumbo que tomes
Esa estrella asome,

Y su luz te oriente,
Con la simple razón
De que todo merece consideración.

Determina y verás
La posibilidad de encontrar dirección,
Porque todo es posible,
Con tu decisión.

Ten la curiosidad
De ver donde un viejo sol se esconde,
Tras otro horizonte.
Por la simple razón de que todo depende

De tu imaginación.
Si lo intentas, quizás hallarás
Un camino que nadie encontró.

Si te orientas, verás
Que la luz de esa estrella
No te abandonó.

Busca y encontrarás

La razón de los sueños
De Eva y Adán!

Se oriente, rapaz:

Se oriente!