Migrant Tales Literary: Black shirt

by , under Dana

By Dana

I need a few balck shirts now

I only have one and my mom’s gone

I need a few more i need to change

Who r u mom – where are you?

I need to comb my hair but i can’t

Come on mom do it for me, i need you

After seven years you opened ur wings

So sorry i  only have broken songs to offer


My tears come and go, i can’t hide them

What have you done? Dont leave, don’t go, please: NO!

I want talk to you, i really need to

Who taught you to leave? I disagree, but to whom?

I love your heart, i love your words

I need to hug you, I miss your calls.

Especially now,  i’m a mourner but still don’t get it – why?

I can’t accept it, you are the best part of me

Oh i need your help, where are you, mom?

Who can buy me a balck shirt now, tell me who?

U rise higher, higher and highest

But i’m here below with a hunter

Now my colour turns to a repulsive yellow

But you’re colourless, oh mom: HELLO!

I’m not dizzy but in deep shock

No/one is here, no/one can make this work

I need your smile… don’t go too far

Come touch my fingers you’re my star

My self feels alone, my blood runs away

you are my essence,i need to join you

I need u need u, i need to join you.