Migrant Tales Literary: A letter to Jesus عیسا سلام

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By Dana

عیسا سلام

ای نرگس زیبای من، عیسی سلام
طاير تقدیربی همتای من، عیسی سلام
ارغوا ن بنشسته بر اورنگ، شاه مهربان
آفتاب لایزال، کشتی و کشتیبان من، عیسی سلام
یاسمین، حاذق به هر درد و فغان، شاه زمان
شاهراه جاودان، درمانگر و درمان من،عیسی سلام
رازقی، خّرم ز رویت هم زمین و آسمان، شاه جهان                                                                                                                                           ارزش عالم بود روی خوشت، عیسا سلام

Hi Jesus

Oh my beautiful Narcissus, Jesus hi
Bird of my unique destiny, Jesus hi

Purple, sitting on a throne, Kind King
Never-ending sunshine, ship and shipmaster, Jesus hi

Jasmine, proficient for all pain and whining, The Time King
Eternal highway, therapist and my treatment, Jesus hi

Razeghi, merry from ur Earth and Heaven face, The King of the World
Ur pleasant look is the world’s value, Jesus hi

Hi Jesus

I am a lover of GOD and very loyal to GOD and will be with GOD forever and ever.

This is not an advertisement for me for  for my mind is completely; i am able to choose my ways and i don’t need ur acceptance; i am a very strong person and don’t need any help from no/one; so be assured that this is a voice of  love that’s coming from my heart. Certainly u know what i mean, because we all know what is love in our deep, deep heart – even if we r strangers we love.

I dont know if u have ever fallen in love in person and with a person; don’t know if u are a romantic man or woman?  But i did fall in love with Jesus, and that was not a normal fall- in-love situation, but completely abnormal and with the head hitting the ground first – bang! : ) SO i’ve been just in love with Jesus, still i am and i will love Jesus Christ forever and ever.

My love story is different because no/one human encouraged me to Jesus except for Almighty GOD, and it was a miracle that it happened to me.

So i’m no match for churches and wrong ideas, like some who claim that Jesus is GOD. i believe only in one GOD and Jesus never said that he is GOD. How is it possible that someone who loves GOD, like Jesus, can speak against GOD.

When u love ur wife, ur son, ur children, and ur parents,  you cannot speak against them.

One is one and one can’t be two, so GOD is not 2 and 3 but one. Also, i believe in the Holy Spirit, that’s for sure.

I  did taste real love, it’s very delicious, u can’t imagine it. I offer this verse, melody to my handsome Jesus Christ and kiss him on both cheeks,  right and left, my Jesus,  juicy kiss.

Thank u Jesus for all u have done for me.

Thank u GOD for giving me Jesus, who is a calm island where one is safe.

When Jesus returns, even vultures will sing like canaries.

I love u GOD.

I am ur Canary

I love Jesus Christ, i am ur birdlove.