Migrant Tales in Greek

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Blog entries that are published on Migrant Tales get sometimes mentioned in some major publications like Time, Sveriges Radio, YLE’s Suora linja and others. One of the most recent reposts was by UNHCR in Greece, located in one of Europe’s hotbeds of xenophobia.  

The work we do on this blog got mentioned  (in Finnish) on Re Vera as well.

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UNCHR of Greece reposted one of Migrant Tales’ posts about integration and diversity in Europe.

Sensible people understand that there is little time to pat oneself on the back in Europe these days when it comes to challenging the rise of racism, xenophobia and far-right parties that loathe cultural diversity.

When racists claim to want to “debate” cultural diversity issues, what they are really saying is “let’s talk about how to water down and justify outright discrimination and social exclusion of whole groups based on ethnic and cultural background.”

Are certain inalienable civil rights, like equal treatment before the law, “debatable?”

Look at what is happening in countries like Greece, Hungary and in other parts of Europe and the so-called “debate” taking place in such places.

The rise of far-right ideology, which bases its world view on prejudice, racism and social exclusion, is nothing more than our failure as a region staring back at us. It exposes how we have failed to come to grips with the horrors of our history and our darkest side.

The ideology that brought us mass wars like WW2, which cost the estimated lives of about 60 million people, still hides behind our racism, our prejudice and our xenophobia.

We must do more to nip this type of anti-social behavior in the bud.

If we fail in this important task we will be sowing the seeds of future wars that will end up consuming us without remorse.