Migrant Tales’ D4R: Estonians can be just as racist as some Finns

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Just because you are a migrant doesn’t mean that you can’t be a racist jerk. 

Our faithful reader and friend D4R called me up Thursday and told me about a racist incident with two Estonian men on the train. One of them asks D4R in a hostile tone where he purchased such good clothes and if he was living off social welfare. 

“Social welfare pays you guys for everything,” one of the Estonian men continued. “Why don’t you move back to Africa?”

D4R couldn’t hold back his feelings and responded.

“This isn’t Estonia,” he said. “I have lived longer in this country than you, I work and pay taxes.”

One of men started to act aggressively and placed his face close to D4R’s.

“Fortunately his friend had more sense than him and they both left,” he said. “I called 112 to inform them that I felt threatened.”

D4R said he did not want to pick a fight with the person because, as has happened in the past, he felt he’d be arrested by the police for starting the fight.


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