Migrant Tales begins cooperation with Asylum Corner

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales will begin cooperation by beginning to publish stories by Asylum Corner,  the newsletter of Lai-Momo, an Italian cooperative society based in Bologna, Italy, and Brussels. Like Migrant Tales, Asylum Corner writes about topics like migrants’ integration, asylum seekers assistance, intercultural and anti-discrimination education.

Lai-Momo information and communication officer Claudia Mará took a moment to explain what kind of work Lai-Momo does.

Visit Asylum Corner here.

“Asylum Corner  is a project that I started with some other colleagues in Africa e Mediterraneo/Lai-momo  because we thought we could leverage the double expertise of our organizations in social communication and social work with refugees,” she said. “It’s not that common to find associations in the social sector that can work with both.”

Marà said that Asylum Corner was not only started to help refugees directly but those social workers working with them. She said that another aim of the publication is to cover a topic like refugees more fairly and comprehensively than the European media.

“If only citizens in every EU member state could get a first-hand experience of what it means to work with asylum seekers, or at least as we try to do with AC,” she said, “read about positive practices in the reception of asylum seekers and migrants, EU public opinion would probably be a bit softer on the migration issue.”