Midsummer greetings from Migrant Tales

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Migrant Tales wishes all of its readers a magical and wonderful Midsummer. While we celebrate the longest day of the year in Finland, in Bolivia they honor the shortest and the coldest.

In many respects, Midsummer is like the legend when Väinämöinen, one of the heroes of the Kalevala, built a copper boat and sailed towards the fiery sunset. Instead of Väinämöinen, it’s the year that begins its long journey today to the darkness of winter.

Thus the ancient Väinämöinen,

In his copper banded vessel,

Left his tribe in Kalevala,

Sailing o’er the rolling billows,

Sailing through the azure vapors,

Sailing through the dusk of evening,

Sailing to the fiery sunset,

To the higher-landed regions,

To the lower verge of heaven;

Quickly gained the far horizon,

Gained the purple-colored harbor.*

*Emil O. Tolonen: Kalevala – The Epic of the Finns. Finnish Daily Publishing Company, Duluth, Minnesota 1929. p. 17.


  1. Iam

    Thanks dear MT, thank u so much, we love U
    I wish u all happiness, success and perfect health, i wish joy for u and ur family.
    Joy to me too

  2. D4R

    Thank you Migrant tales for giving voice to the least and Happy mid summer. We’re not going for vocation we’re still going to be active, migrant tales never rests because justice never rests either. I wish you all happy holydays and stay active.