Midsummer 60 degrees north

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Here’s a snapshot of the sublime landscapes that accompany us north of the 60th parallel. Witnessing such a sunset is magical. It’s like being nowhere but between two great frontiers that meet briefly at a special moment. Those two frontiers are Space and Earth.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful midsummer if relevant to your region.


  1. savannah

    found you via paddy at momentary madness…tis the longest day of the year here in the states, as well..and for us..the first day of summer! enjoy and be well, sugar!

  2. nemoo

    Hi Savannah and Suburbanlife, glad you dropped by. I hope the longest day is the slowest day for you. People are starting to party it up in these parts but I’d rather take it slow. It easier to capture the beauty when you’re surrounded by those that love you. Did you know that they light bonfires in Finland now and that in Bolivia they’re celebrating the shortest day of the year?