Marshall Niles’ example shows that racists can be taken down from Facebook

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Marshall Niles, who is an associate editor of Migrant Tales, did what any sensible person would do when confronted with a heavy load of racism and Islamophobia: Find a way to challenge it. And that’s what he did. Perussuomalaiset (PS)* Helsinki substitute councilman for the city of Helsinki, Olli Sademies, got taken down from Facebook thanks to Niles’ leadership. 

Sademies has been on the warpath against Muslims and Africans. In May he wrote on Facebook that those Africans who have three children should be sterilized. On Monday he resurfaced attacking Muslims by suggesting a “business idea” to create a pig’s blood spray that would be used against Muslims.

Apart from the shameful silence of the PS and that of other political parties against these type of racist comments, Niles showed leadership by reporting Sademies to Facebook.

What Niles did is exemplary and what we should do when anyone spreads the same type of racism and hate speech.

Well done Marshall! We’re all very proud of you for ridding such a disgraceful politician from Facebook.

I hope many others will follow your example.

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Marshall Niles reported Olli Sademies to Facebook for his racist rants.

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Now you saw this disgraceful politician…
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…and now you don’t.

The Finnish name of the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English-language names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.

  1. MattiR2106

    Had Sademies removed from FB….. Indeed, well now, that’s a victory for democracy…. isn’t it?…. Shut up opposing views…. only our views are allowed…. very good…. which democratic principle does that fulfill??….. when do I get voted off the island??…. It’s not as if I’m a member of the choir???……

  2. MattiR2106

    Marshall Niles: Since when do you get to decide whose speech is hateful and whose is not (Sademies)??…. That’s a neat set up and its historical antecedents carry a different name…. One that you and your ilk throw around rather easily…. Fascism!…. You act like the people you purportedly hate…. What sort of uniform do you plan on wearing and what insignia will you have on your arm???….Your virtuosity sounds almost the same as those from the 30’s …. 20s even in the case of Fascist Italy…. Extra! Extra! Extra!!! Read all about it…. His Excellency Marshall Niles has had enough of Sademies’ ‘hate’ speech…. muster the firing squad…. I should feel safe in a society with the likes of you running around in it…. spewing your ‘official’ brand of hate…..???

  3. Medusa

    Enrique, then you should only post your one-tracked articles on Facebook. No risk of anyone expressing their views fully because they may get banned, but you of course will not be banned as you generally set the ball rolling with your prejudiced, partisan, and influenced articles. In your eyes the natives (Finns and other Europeans) are always wrong, and your brethren of Africans, Muslims and other minorities always right. Amen.

  4. Medusa

    One more thing Enrique….. maybe your blog should be reported to the local police for spreading hatred and bias against the natives (Finns)? You have been doing it for a long time and getting away with it in the name of free speech and democracy. In that eventuality, I guess Facebook does not qualify as a forum that promotes free speech and free expression of ideas.

    • Toiset Soundit

      Hei Migrant Tales, hei Niles

      This is a very good action. I was apalled by the comments of this Philistine moron Sademies.
      I was however even more apalled to see that there come no reaction at all to his new comments, that were even nastier (but as racist) than his first comments on African men. Where is Soini, where is the Justice minister (responsible for upholding the law, including anti-racism laws), where is Juha Sipilä?
      This man should be convicted of inciting ethnic hatred. Let him burn.

      Can you imagine someone making these comments as a representative of a government party and get away with it ?

      How would the majority of Finns react when a, say, Finnish-Somali political representative would post equivalent rubbish on Facebook? For example, when such a person would post: “free advice: let’s come up with an alcohol spray for Finnish girls, to intoxicate them, after which they can be more easily raped.”

      Imagine. Just for one minute. The country would be on fire.

      But when Persut Sad Mies comes up with such stratagems: nothing. Silence, a beep at the other end of the line.

      Shame on you Sipilä, Soini, Stubb and all members of government for letting it pass so easily.

      Thumbs up again for Niles.


      Toiset Soundit

    • Migrant Tales

      Hi Toiset Soundit, totally agree with you. What is worse Sademies’ racist rants or the silence of his party as well as that of others? Now you see why empty words by the government like “we won’t tolerate racism” are empty and just meant for public consumption.

    • Migrant Tales

      Medusa, I encourage you to go to the police and report me for “spreading hatred and bias against the natives (Finns).” Thank you.

    • Yossie

      Toiset soundit

      You can judge him for what he said if you want but your example is not even close to what he said. Your example suggest using spray to attack people and also cause physical harm. Sademies suggested using spray as a harmless self-defense equipment against an attack.

      If you want to flip the table, better example would be something in line of: “free advice: let’s come up with an [x] spray for Finns attacking you. This would be useful for immigrants, muslims and other people of color.” Would the country be on fire? I doubt it.

  5. Toiset Soundit

    Hi Migran Tales

    Go and check Sademies’ new Twitter account where he makes it look like his FB-account has been shut down because of an identity question. Sad man indeed, can’t even stand up to his own words.

    This what he wrote (in his first) Tweet:

    Sademies, Olli ‏@SademiesO
    Aika omituista: facebook epäilee henkilöllisyyttäni ja pyysi lähettämään henkilöllisyyden ilmaiseva dokumentti.. Tilini on suljettu,

    What a laughing stock he is.

    • Migrant Tales

      Thank you for the heads-up, Toiset Soundit. Sademies is a laughing stock especially after getting his fingers burned by his own racist comments.

  6. Medusa

    You know nothing will come out of me reporting you because unlike the countries you come from, there is freedom of speech here and you are taking full advantage of it. You are also taking advantage of the free education, free medical care, unemployment, welfare and spreading your children, fundamentalist beliefs and prejudice all around without feeling any remorse.

    • Migrant Tales

      Yes, Medusa, I’m even “taking advantage” of you. I strongly encourage you to go to the police and report me.

  7. Medusa

    Seriously you and that Toiset Soundit need to leave Finland. Either shut up or put up with the way things are here or pack your bags and take your whiny selves out of here. I cannot imagine why you would want to be here and whine and complain on a blog every single day but not leave. Or is it that the handouts and free everything you get here has spoiled you?

    • Migrant Tales

      Medusa, the only language you know is foul play and hitting below the belt. Be a man for a change and speak in a civil manner. How do you know who I am and what I do? If you don’t stop this harassment I will personally ban you from Migrant Tales.

  8. Medusa

    You don’t like or want two way communication. That’s it. You want to say your side and not be accountable for the rest. Neither do you like the truth. Still I strongly encourage you to ban me from this blog. I repeat go ahead and ban me. I have had about enough of your vitriolic against a country that you live in and take undue advantage of. If you don’t like Finland and Finns then leave. Who has stopped you? I am an immigrant too, but I respect what Finland has given me. If I have an issue with Finns then I find a solution or adjust likewise instead of whining away for years on a blog. Enough said.

  9. Medusa

    I guess the only man on this blog who hits above the belt is you?
    That made my day. Rolling on the floor laughing my a r s e off………….

    • Marshall Niles

      Medusa, although I notice you and Enrique have a massive difference in opinion, I would like to iron out some facts. I firmly attest and believe that no body, NOBODY here, hates Finland or Finns. And, neither are any of us social benefit mulching, tax payer euro eating cretins. You gotta look at it this way pal, This whole blog has been aimed at highlighting, uncovering and displaying racism, discrimination and attacks against foreigners, be they immigrants, refugees, migrants or even Non Naturalized Finns. I’m not going to go deep into this right now, because I kind of understand how you feel, and sympathize with you. But, here is a good example to leave you with. I hope it gives you my point.

      °° Imagine yourself as a lets say Muslim professor working in University of Helsinki, teaching a Masters in Biotechnology. OR, as an African man, who runs a restaurant in Helsinki, serving various African dishes. Now..with this in mind, lets go to another day.

      Olli sademies says, ” I wish to create a spray made out of Pig’s blood, to spray on muslims”, or ” Every African man should be sterilized upon coming to this country. OR, Africans comes from a country where they still live in caves and dance like monkeys, to this civilized clean country, and rape our women and steal our money and jobs”.

      Now, Medusa.. how do you, as a professor, or as a Restaurant owner feel?

      You see, when stuff is said, we hear, analyze, and broadcast it. Why? Because this way, those statements are not taken silently. You see, silence means submission. Being silent will and can mean that tomorrow, a bunch of young punks can decide to slash the Muslim professors tires. Or, a bunch of back woodsy drunks can decide to throw a rock through the African mans restaurant window and maybe even set it on fire.

      We don’t want that, do we? So? How do you discourage politicians from creating a rift between people, and causing tension, havoc and discrimination? You speak about it. You argue about their statements. You find sources, facts, articles to support your theory, and you get at it like gentlemen.

      Not like this, “Or we will i n v e n t a spray made out of p i g blood and spray it on you. Now go run to Facebook and complain. A s s h o l e.”

      Just as an FYI, I don’t care if you are white, black, yellow, pink or whatever. If you’ve got respect for a normal human being, don’t discriminate and stereotype, and allow your respect for a stranger to come from the fact that you don’t know their life and don’t know what they’ve been through, then you will always have my support and Ill always be watching your back. But just remember, the underdogs are those who are victimized against. Women who have been raped/ harrased by asshole refugees are underdogs. Somalians who are suffering from the crimes of other Somalian assholes, are underdogs. Muslims who live normal everyday lives, work, pay bills, taxes, family etc, who are suffering from unwanted hate because of the crimes of ISIS, are underdogs. I fight for the underdogs. Do you?