Marshall Niles: Everyday racism can break a person’s heart

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Migrant Tales insight: Our newest associate editor, Marhsall Niles, is very outspoken about migrant rights. We are happy that we have a person like Marshall on board since it makes sailing in Finland’s sometimes turbulent waters easier. 

Marshall is a good example that one can make a difference with his example. What he wrote a Facebook post that got noticed on Uusi Suomi

What he has one important message: Silence won’t be our language. 


Kato neekeri” (Look n-word), a group of idiots commented when I was in an ABC gas station. If people don’t know the difference between black, brown, yellow and white, and use the term neekeri ( n-word) to mean anyone of darker skin and foreign background, then, parents what the hell are you teaching your kids?

Months ago, a fat old drunk in our village’s only bar/restaurant called Petra, openly said how Somalis and immigrants deserve to be thrown out of the country. I was standing right in front of him when he said that. There have never been any Somalis in or around our village, and I can count about 3-5 immigrants amongst the 5000 Finnish inhabitants who live here. Yet, he seemed to enjoy stating loudly how immigrants and Somalis need to be thrown out (of the country).

Few months ago, a car drives by with some young idiots, yelling at me to “Get out of Finland!” Again..does everyone understand just how mixed up this situation is getting? I’m not a Somali, I’m not here to steal your welfare, I’m not a rapist, I’m not a Muslim, I’m not a terrorist.. I’m a fuckin’ Indian-born Canadian Christian turned atheist. I’m not as dark as my African brothers yet the term neekeri has started to be spread around to include anyone of color. Really, Finland?

I study Finnish, raise a child, have a loving relationship with my Finnish wife, enjoy Finnish culture for what it is, respect the laws, respect the people, have amazing relationships with my wife’s family and friends, and have many Finnish friends of my own and yet, the same treatment that is given to actual criminals, is given out to innocent immigrants who want nothing more than to make a new life and create a good future for themselves. I live in a small village of 5,000 people with about 3-4 colored immigrants. Yet, somehow, racism has managed to seep into the very pores of some people here to give them courage to say, “kato neekeri.

What about tomorrow? Will a bunch of people get together and beat me up?

Tomorrow when my daughter goes to school, will she be called a neekeri too for having black hair, brown eyes? My daughter is half Finnish, half Canadian.. Will she still be called a neekeri just because she doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes? Parents, teach your kids to love and accept the world as a family. Stop this racism. I’ve got courage to swallow this kind of bullshit, but there are people who experience this EVERYDAY in Finland….believe can break a person’s heart.

  1. BlandaUpp

    You are not alone Marshall. I’m a native Finn married to an integrated foreigner with teenaged mixed race kids who were born and raised here and know no other homeland or culture other than being Finns. They need to deal with the racist garbage that the PS and their ilk keep spreading in our society when they go to school every other day. They don’t see how the garbage they spread affects normal people like us, the pain it causes when racist words and stereotypes are thrown at young kids by random adults in the street, or their classmates who are taught to hate anyone who is not white by their PS supporting parents. They will also go to the ends of the earth to deny their complicity or any responsibility for what happens to innocent kids. “Multiculturalism”, to them, is the politically safe term in fashion at the moment to describe anyone who is not white in Finland. This is my and your family’s real life experience, not the delusional fantasies and neo-Nazi talking points that PS supporters and apologists read about on Homma forum.

  2. MattiR2106

    Oh please Marshal/BlandaUpp….. Do you really think that all these instances of ‘natives behaving badly’ would stop in one fell swoop if the PS were to disappear today/tomorrow??…. I’ve seen this type of attitude amongst some Finns for decades now…. it’s not a new phenomenon which coincidentally appeared 20 years ago with the appearance of PS…. Finland has and has had for centuries a very serious problem with its people being very susceptible to alcoholism. Finns, when pissed up, are some of the most swinish people I’ve met on the face of the earth…. It’s not a problem that can be legislated away…. but with massive education about the drinking culture of this fair land should be instituted….. I digress to some extent… it just appears to me that BlandaUpp has actually found a ‘motherhood’ trigger for his rage….. one which is difficult to oppose unless done delicately due to its politically correct content. Not that either of you would give a shit….. but let’s say that groups of demanding, whining, unskilled, (not speaking local tongue) white people appeared in the social benefits offices of India, China, take your pick…. How long do you think it would take for the locals to ride their sorry asses out of town …. with appropriate oral wishes…..and every one would be laughing. BUT, by your scale civility…. native Finns should be kissing your asses because you chose to come to Finland and grace us with your radiant attitudes and presence….
    I have personal experience of this…. I have an extended family in Siberia…. (due to deportations in 30’s from Karjala). Long story short, this relative found my mom’s address through Finn embassy/Moscow…. wrote a letter etc…. that was in 1990… In mid 90’s this guy comes to live in Finland, gets all the benefits etc… housing, language classes etc…. 20 years on this asshole still can’t speak Finnish, only hangs out with the Russian crowd in Helsinki, runs back and forth to Russia but is curiously always here when SOSSU cheques are given out….. So if I have a hard-on against hangers-on of any sort/colour … tough shit… I do… Here I stand, more than that I cannot/not do…. Cry me a river….. (Crimea River)

    • Migrant Tales

      Matti, you start of fine but then your argument derails and hits the wall. Why do you speak so violently? You sound like a machine gun firing in every direction, at everyone. How do you bring that way solutions and ways to move forward? Could you tell us and enlighten us about making Finland a country that lives in peace and where the standard is treating everyone with respect? You do agree that we’re in a bad way. We read a lot about politicians declaring wars against migrants/minorities, Nazi salutes and inflated bravado.

  3. MattiR2106

    Furthermore…. Both of you .. Marshall Niles/BlandaUpp will love this….
    “Famously progressive and permissive Holland has tried multiculturalism and decided that it just doesn’t work. In a historic reversal, the Dutch are abandoning government policies in support of multiculturalism and demanding integration and acceptance of Dutch values from immigrants, mostly Muslims, who now constitute 6 percent of their population.”

    Read more:
    About time in my opinion…. I’ve spent considerable time in NL and it was a long time coming…. I remember in early 80s I wandered into a certain sector of Amsterdam…. and I was hissed at by mostly everybody who were not/not of Dutch dissent…. they come to tolerant societies to take advantage …. create their own ghettos, make them criminal areas where politically correct host country police will not go….. only contact they have is via automatic deposits to their accounts…. Thank you native Dutch… now fuck off till next month….

    • BlandaUpp

      Once again neo-Nazi MattiR2106 shows us his true Nazi colours. There’s no use in trying to have a discussion with his type.

      What Matti the Nazi confirms yet again is that according to PS racist doctrine, it is Marshall and my wife and children’s own fault for having the wrong skin colour. Multiculturalism to him and every other neo-Nazi PS supporter has nothing to do with culture, it’s all about race.

      What Matti the Nazi also doesn’t tell us about The Netherlands, a country who’s language I am fluent in after doing a post doctoral fellowship there, is that the LOUDEST voice in telling the extremist minority to shape up or ship out is the Muslim mayor of Rotterdam who himself is an immigrant.

  4. amir_hassan

    Marshall, I feld mixed emotions after reading your posting. On one hand, I felt empathy towards you for the utterly disgusting behaviour you have had to endure at the hands of uneducated ‘junttis’. No-one should be insulted on the basis of their skin colour, faith, sexual orientation or other characteristics. It’s simply unacceptable and a crime against humanity.

    On the other hand, when I read your comment about the N-word and not being a Somali, an African or a Muslim, I felt you were saying “it’s not my problem, Jack” between the lines. I am a Muslim, but I don’t think the insults apply to me any more than they do to a Christian German.

    The fact is that we should all feel the pain of those who are subjected to injustices at the hands of bigots, regardless of who the victims or perpetrators are. It really hurt me to read your experiences, Marshall, and I truly hope you never have to experience anything of the sort ever again.

    We must all stand together and stand firm, no matter who the victim of a racist attack is. Based on the recent news, any one of us may witness the next attack sooner than we expect.

    Take care and stay strong!

  5. MattiR2106

    You can call it what you want…. not surprising because it’s not part of your selection of hymnals for this website…It hits no/no wall… You give your life’s experiences and I give you mine…. no machine guns there…. obviously, to you and this website there are NAZI saluting thugs around every corner… when it’s just not so…. I thought you’d be experienced enough in today’s crazy world that …. shit happens… seems to me you put yourself in the shooting range….You spend a lot of energy looking for instances to complain about and blame all Finns…. If you’re so interested in living a peaceful and quiet life in Finland…. then live it… don’t scream about it… no peace in screaming….be a living testament to the peace you wish to attain… Don’t continually tell me….. show me and others… sooner than later, most will come around but you’ll always have those who will not…. don’t treat with them…. You’re like the guy who takes a 2 am stroll through Central Park, NY with a thick wallet in his back pocket….. Looking for a problem…. If you’re looking for trouble, you will find it…. Machine guns and NAZIs…. Not too many reasonable people will buy any of that……..

    • BlandaUpp

      So much verbal diarrhoea from Matti the Nazi, so many assumptions, so many stereotypes, so much bull.

  6. MattiR2106

    Kuule kusipää BlandaUpp…. Ketä sinä oikein haukut Natsiksi??
    Hey Marshall, what the hell is this??…. So any opposing view to you and your tear-jerker stories…. and I’m being called a NAZI….. That is serious shit, man….. Is this what this website is all about …. then say so …. put it out there…. Anyone who opposes my / our view of the situation are NAZIs….. I’m quite willing to have a healthy to and fro …. discussion with twist of phrase etc but calling people such names is beyond the pale….

    • BlandaUpp

      Oh Matti the Nazi, you were proud of being a Nazi just a few days ago. You were bragging about how jealous I must be about your neo-Nazi Suomen Kansalinen Vastarinta’s “slick and catchy name” to quote your exact words correctly. Remember Matti the Nazi? Have amnesia now?

  7. MattiR2106

    Like it or lump it … Suomen Kansalinen Vastarinta is a striking name… Unlike yours….BlandaUpp: Suomen Varsinainen Runkkaaja….. You’re the leader of SVR…. Boo hoo goes BlandaUpp, everybody who doesn’t agree with my BS is a NAZI …… You are a little scarab….

    • BlandaUpp

      Ah, back to the programme then for you Matti the Nazi tikku perseessä, proudly flying your neo-Nazi flag, spending all day and night being a cheerleader and apologist for neo-Nazis, espousing neo-Nazi ideology but get your panties in a twist when called out for it.